Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thames (NZ): Then & Now "The Thames Police Station"

Source top photo:  Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 35-R1451

The Thames Goldfield towns of Shortland and Grahamstown had police based in both towns. During the early 1900s  the decision was made to build a new building north of the Government buildings in Queen Street.

Building & Opening of the Thames Police Station
1908: Land was purchased north of the Courthouse (Queen Street). Work started on the construction of a new Police Station. The decision was made that this building should be brick, rather a novelty at The Thames.

1909 May: The new brick Police Station was completed including the interior fittings. There are several bedrooms upstairs for staff. On 16th August 1909 the police moved out of their quarters next-door in the 1870 Government building and shifted into their new brick Police Station.

Plans for the building available from Archives New Zealand