Sunday, March 6, 2011

1900 Thames Advertisments: J Muir and F H Claxton (Tailors)

When looking at past businesses of Thames, several things emerge.  One being the large number of shops in the Grahamstown area, in particular around Brown and Albert Street. In the 1900s the area was still hanging on, although trade must have dropped considerably when gold and the large number of miners had long gone. There appears to be a lot of drapers, milliners and tailors - no big chain, bargain shops in those days.

The advertisements below are for J MUIR (Tailor) and F H CLAXTON (Tailor & Mercer), of Brown Street and Albert street respectively. Who could resist these goods straight from London; a new shipment of goods from England was always quickly perused by their loyal customers.

When looking at The Thames Newspapers at PapersPast, take some time to browse the full pages and view the wealth of information that the advertisements provide on the life of our early Thamesites.

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