Friday, March 18, 2011

Thames Hospital Pictorial History 1868-1987

Just a quick mention of this wonderful pictorial resource available on Thames Hospital.

In 1986 a display of historical photos took pride and place along the corridor adjoining the then main foyer and Ward One. Beautifully displayed in cabinets and with full details given where possible; many patient and visitor spent time looking at the photos.  During a time of renovation these displays were taken down and taken to Waikato Hospital where a historic photo database was developed.

These are available for sale as part of a set: "Thames Hospital - A Pictorial History 1868-1987," a catalogue that identifies the photo reference and a CD with the photos on.
Full details are here.

A copy is also available to view at The Treasury, Thames.
Photo showing history & Photo book and the Pictorial CD

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