Friday, March 11, 2011

Women on the Thames Goldfields

The majority of the Thames history books are filled with the men who founded and worked the Thames Goldfields with sparse mention of the women of Thames. There are two books of note that focus more on the women.

"Diggers Hatters & Whores" by Stevan Eldred-Grigg has a few brief mentions of Thames women including MARY RODGER and ESTHER KEESING who had miners rights/claims on the goldfield.

"To find a Fortune, Women of the Thames Goldfield, 1867-1893" by Rosemary Killip holds the most information on the lives of early Thamesite women. Chapters include: Founding Mothers, Helping Hands, Educators and Mentors, Entertainers, Outspoken Women, Enterprising Women and The Dissenters.

Below is a picture (poor quality) part of an important doument that is in The Thames Star Newspaper 11 September 1926 on Pioneers of the Thames Settlement - Old Thames Girls. Next post I will place a transcription of the details that appeared for some of the women pictured. (The microfilms of this edition are available for viewing at The Treasury)

Below picture: Top From left. Mrs Fairgray, the first white girl born at Thames, Mesdames Roke, Woolley, Dewar, 92 years of age, Oldham, Watson, Steadman.  Bottom, from left: Mesdames Smith, Murray, Brodie? Cahill?, Pearceor Plenda???,  Matron Stewart, first matron of the Thames Hospital, and Mrs Starkey.

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