Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ITEMS for sale at The Treasury, Thames

The Treasury has a growing number of resources for sale of interest to the family genealogist and general historian. Items that cover the wider Thames area.

They include CD's of the oral history recordings, in the photo below is one of the three for Toss Hammond (MBE).  I have just listened to CD 3 and it covers "Thames Sports 1870s - 1880s" and "Trip to Table Mountain 1888" All sports are fully covered as Toss takes us from Tararu to Parawai and outlines all the sporting grounds that existed in the town pre 1900. Delighting in the big outings that took place at the Sports days held at Tararu...and the long walk home if you weren't able to catch a horse driven "cab."

There are small booklets covering snippets from the oral history recordings called OUR PEOPLE OUR STORIES and TREASURY TALES which are stories that have been told on Coromandel FM radios special feature section. (Photo below)

Other books include A History Story of the Man Captain John Butt (which includes later snippets). Capt Butt was famous for his time at the SHORTLAND HOTEL and adjoining AMERICAN THEATRE. Butt's Corner  at the corner of Pollen and Grey Street was an important area in the early Thames Goldfields and the thriving township of Shortland.

Many other resources for sale including a CD of School records for the Thames area. Previously these records were only available on NZSG Index CD (no longer in production), so this will be a welcome resource for researchers. School records provide a wealth of information on more than just the child, giving guardian details, address and destinations, should the family be moving.

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