Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thames Tennis Clubs in the 1880s

In 1884 the town had decided that the formation of a Tennis club would be a good idea. A committee was formed and they set about to find a suitable venue. The club was to be known as THE HAURAKI LAWN TENNIS CLUB, the officers appointed were: Mr N FITZGERALD (Secretary), Mr J M H LUSH (Treasurer).

In 1885 Mr WHITEHEAD was advertising that tennis shoes had been added to his range of boots for sale, ready for the upcoming tennis season. (Thames Star 15/10/1885). Opening day was 17 October 1885 at the Club's grounds at Parawai, play to begin at 3pm (Saturday).

Thames Star 20 October 1884
The late 1880s also sees mention of the NORTHERN LAWN TENNIS CLUB with advertisements showing them travelling on the ENTERPRISE at 7am to play tennis against Coromandel, returning again at 6.30pm (Thames Star 27/1/1888). A report on the day can be read in the paper 31/1/1888. The happy travellers arrived home at Grahamstown at 11pm!!!

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