Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mining Accidents on the Hauraki Goldfields

A valuable resource available at many libraries, including the Treasury, Thames - is an index of the mining accidents reported in the AJHR's.
"New Zealand Mining accidents 1879-1958" the index is available on Microfiche

To date the AJHR's are online 1862 to 1879; but can be accessed at National Library and various other places. The difficulty is that the place of accident is sometimes a town or a mine. It is therefore difficult to ascertain the right location, given that mine names were repeated in many locations.  But worth a look!!

Here is an example of the names mentioned in 1897 for the Hauraki area:
Surname, Firstname, Place, AJHR
Baker, Samuel, Waihi, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
May, James, Waihi, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
Myers, , Sheridan Mine, AJHR:1897(II) 1897 (?area)
Dabb, John, Talisman Mine, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
Develin, John, Waihi, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
Douglas, Andrew, Karangahake, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
Muholland, Thomas, Coromandel, AJHR:1897(II) 1897
Terrill, John, Whangamata , AJHR:1897(II) 1897

If you are not able to follow up with the details in the AJHR, Papers past provides in most cases a report of the accident and the outcome.  Not all the accidents reported are fatal, but given the dangers of the occupation - deaths or serious injuries were not uncommon.

Charles KIRBY, accident Moanataiari Mine
Auckland Star 11/4/1893
The Auckland Star 20 April 1893 reported: "His [Charles Kirby's] spine was broken and spinal cord very much strained. He is progressing favourably"

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