Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early Postcards of Thames & New Zealand

On my Thames website are many links for Jeff Pyle's postcard pages that are now broken links; so please take this opportunity to find Jeff's new website/blog.  It is called E-LIBRARY NEW ZEALAND.

This link takes you to a summary page of all the postcard categories and here are the DUNNAGE postcards of Thames. A couple on goldmining in the area. Lots to explore.
Shortland Wharf Thames - Dunnage Postcard 43
There is a collection of Dunnage Postcard images at The Treasury. They provide a view of Thames in the early 1920s.  Above postcard (No 43) shows the busy Shortland Wharf, the heart of Thames for many years. Over the years boats lined the wharf, stacked in rows, as fish were unloaded and processed in sheds at the Wharf.

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