Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was asked about Kauaeranga Girls School, so thought it was a good opportunity to put a photo here.
Not great quality, but shows you Kauaeranga Girs aka Sandes Street School. This was located on the corner of Sandes and Richmond Street, on the South-west intersect.

Originally a private school run by Mr MCKEE was on this site, having been built on land owned by the Presbyterian Church. In the 1870s there is mention of the then public Girl's School and that there were approximately 400 pupils. A new building was built 1880 and in 1903 when the school closed it was moved to the present Thames South School site. (Corner Rolleston and Grey Street). This was a primary school and despite the name 'girls', boys also were enrolled.

Information and lots more photos of KAUAERANGA BOYS/BAILLIE STREET and THAMES SOUTH SCHOOL are in the Thames South School Jubilee and 125 year booklets. (Shown Below)
(Remember school records available at THE TREASURY and THAMES LIBRARY, plus NZSG Index CD and at Archives Auckland)