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TAPU, Thames Coast - genealogy resources

Many Thamesites have links with the small coastal bays along the coast. Bays such as Tapu (previously known as HASTINGS) were home to miners, farmers and kauri workers. The land rugged and hard, but a challenge met by many immigrant families. The isolation and challenges of getting to Thames for supplies and help, all taken in the stride of the early european settlers. Many families eventually moving to Thames, while many descendants of those pre1900 settlers remain in the area, to this day.

Below is just a small sample/suggestions of places where you can gain more information about the lifes of the families who settled the Tapu area.

Early Maps and Photos:
In the Auckland City Libraries map collection, there are several early land maps for TAPU (WEST HASTINGS). Just enter TAPU in search box. The Heritage collection has many early photos, others can also be found at TIMEFRAMES (Alexander Turnbull Library).

School records:
Tapu-Kereta School 1874-1899 are online
Further school records are available at The Treasury Thames and for sale on a School records CD
ARCHIVES Auckland has many files and attendance registers for TAPU School, the preliminary details can be seen online and viewed at the Auckland office.

Burial records:
TCDC Cemetery online database does not include the Tapu cemetery but the council can be contacted for further information
Thames Library and The Treasury Thames have burial record details. There are Monumental inscriptions -which include the names of many of the early settlers. Families such as: HAWKES, JAMIESON, MCMAHON, PLUMMER, TROTTER and WENZLICK.

The WENZLICK family history site has info on the TAPU CEMETERY plus extensive family history inforamtion

Tapu Cemetery Headstone Photos:
Available at The Treasury and online thanks C Church.

General info:
The Treasury, Thames has: local books on the coast, reunion books, local family histories and oral history recordings on Tapu (by D Jowitt), Directories and Electoral Rolls, photos, mine and battery details.

Dunnage postcards c1920: Tapu (top) and Mata aka Te Mata (above)

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