Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Time to mention the Centenary booklets, that are a must have for most Thamesites.

THAMES GOLDFIELDS CENTENNIAL 1867-1967, published 1967 76 pages
Contains information on: How did the gold get there, The moa hunters, the fairy people to coming of the maori fleet, Tainui conquest. Then onto the River Thames and the Thames. Early Mining and bonanzas followed by the decline. Features on Charles Judd Ltd and Grey & Menzies Cordial manufacturers. One of the best parts for me are the many advertisements for businesses of the time, plus there are a selection of old photos.

THAMES: THE FIRST 100 YEARS by W A Kelly, Thames Star 1968 191 pages
My copy is paperback, but one of my most referred to books on Thames. Really covers everything from great mining sections to general information on the town and formation of businesses, churches, hospital, clubs etc.

THAMES BOROUGH CENTENARY 1873-1973 by L P O'Neill Thames Star 1973 176 pages
Prepared for the centenary another great read and filed with pictures and advertisements that give a great reminder of the town as it was in 1973. You will find that it does have a lot of info that was in "Thames 100 years" but still well worth having in its own right.

These books can be found at very reasonable prices in secondhand book stores and online auction sites. Plus there are copies in many libraries, including the Thames Library and at The Treasury, Thames.

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