Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thames (NZ): Cycle Club 1899

Step back in time to 1899 at Thames...
Got a few hours to spare...
How about joining the Thames Cycling & Touring Club and join fellow Thamesites for a few hours biking around the district. PS. Don't forget to wear your 'Sunday best.'

A report in the local paper 10th November 1899, has details of a Sport's Day held at Dodd's Paddock Parawai. Races all sorts and distances were held and their was full participation - including visitors from Auckland and other areas.

Part of the report reads:
The Thames Cycling Club held their spring meeting at Dodd's Paddock yesterday afternoon under most favorable circumstances. The day was an ideal one, and the attendance was a record one for the Club. This was to some extent due to the large number of excursionists that arrived from Auckland and Up-country. We are quite safe in saying that the gathering was by far the most successful yet held under the auspices of the club, while from a sporting point of view the meeting was very good one, the finishes in the 'majority: of the races being very evenly contested. The cycle track was in splendid condition in fact, it could hardly have been in better order.

During the afternoon, the Hauraki Brass Band, under Bandmaster E. Williams, played quite a number of selections in their best style, and the music was greatly appreciated. The following were the officials of the Club, and they are certainly deserving of credit for the highly successful manner in which they carried out the arduous duties undertaken by them —Judges: Messrs H. J. Greenslade, J. Jordan, and W. Woodward. Starter and Referee; E, Nordon. Handicapper, Mr W. B. Eyre; Marksmen J Messrs A. Buckland, H. Koefoed, and W. Constant. Call Steward: Mr F, Ladner. Number Steward: Mr W. Syms. Time keepers: Messrs. H. J. Fielder, E. Jones, and A. S. White. Hon Secretary: Mr W. J. Irwin.


Thames Cycling Club
Report 8th December 1899

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