Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thames (NZ): Gold Mine locations

For those researchers wanting information on goldmines of the Thames Goldfields, the first port of call is usually the Thames School of Mines and The Treasury. There are detailed maps of mine location and information on production, directors and shareholders. Along with in many cases, photographs of old workings.
With the help of the GeneaMap webpages, it is now possible to view the location of some of the major goldmines that were centred around the main confines of the townships of Shortland and Grahamstown (Thames).
Start at the GeneaMap entry page, unclick all the icons on the far left - except for the gold mining icon (Crossed pick-axes), put THAMES in the top left search box. Now press SEARCH.
The display will now look like the image below. You can now use the scroll on your mouse to zoom in to look closer, also click on the screen to drag the map to different views. You can click on the different location icons to view possible photos/info and a link back to The Treasury.
Special thanks to Murray and Dave for developing this new resource for Thames.
Above: screenshot of the search results at GeneaMap and Below: expanded view of map
Search The Treasury Index for possible mining entries, for indexed resources.