Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thames (NZ): Thames Star - Hauraki Herald Offices

Times change and businesses have different needs and requirements. An icon of Thames was the old Thames Star Offices. These had been extended to the west and south over past years, but as of 17th August 2013 they no longer are standing.  The next months will see a new building being erected.

Source: Thames Star 14th April 1949
 Saturday, April 10, 1869 - the first copies of the Thames Star were printed from an office in Brown Street, Grahamstown. Known then as the EVENING STAR. Premises were next moved to Albert Street and then in 1927 to the building used by the Thames High School Engineering Department.

In 1938 the paper then moved to the Sealey Street location. Although later to become part of the Hauraki Herald and cease publication, the premises have carried on to be used to publish the Hauraki Herald. The Hauraki Herald/Publishers offices are shown below - the shell of the old building to the left and hidden under a front fa├žade.
Above: The Hauraki Herald Offices July 2013.
Below: 18th August 2013, The Hauraki Herald Offices have been demolished
Further information on the old Thames Newspaper businesses is available at The Treasury, Thames.