Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thames (NZ): Thames Hospital Photos & Model

Previous posts have mentioned aspect of the hospital and nursing history. Also that a photographic history is available. The old photographs that adorn the eastern end of the long corridor (off Mackay Street), are always a delight to peruse. Especially the 'Nurses World War One' Plaque. (Mentioned in the journal article on WWI at The Treasury Journal).
There is also a wooden model (Built by Mr T Egan), of the 'old' hospital on Baillie Street, which was the street that was closed to allow for hospital campus redevelopment in the late 1940-50s.
Above: Model of the Thames Hospital facing Baillie street
Below: A photograph of the buildings

The hospital had its official opening on 1 October 1900 and consisted of: main block, operating theatre, four wings for wards and several out buildings. Accommodation was for 50 patients. The first hospital building was opened in 1868, often referred to as the Goldfields or Thames Goldfields Hospital - built primarily to care for the miners and their work related accidents.