Friday, May 19, 2017

Thames (NZ): NURSES OF THAMES new book edition

Finally the hurdles have been overcome to publishing this booklet in a new format. This Version (4) was first printed last year in a new spiral bound format. Thanks to lots of help from KMG Print, it has now been reprinted stapled.

NURSES OF THAMES: A History of Registered Nurse Training at the Thames Hospital.
Size: A4, soft cover, 120 pages ISBN 978-0-475-35321-6
The first half covers the history of nurse training at Thames Hospital School of Nursing. A decade by decade look at key events and staff. Lots of other topics such as: Memorabilia, War Nurses, Matrons, changes to the hospital, equipment and much more.
Lots of staff graduation photographs, register of registered nurses etc.

Available from: Trademe, School of Mines and The Treasury.