Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thames (NZ): View from Zion Hill to Grahamstown

Always a surprise to find something new in a photo, this one taken overlooking the hospital towards Grahamstown is no exception. For the first time I have noticed the reference from "Zion Hill".

Searching at Paperspast, I can see no reference to the name or can't recall seeing it on any local papers. Did the photographer name it such because it overlooked the St George's Church? Was it a name that all locals of the time knew? Maybe you know the answer?
Below are some of the landmarks that can be seen in the photograph.
1. Post Office Hotel     2. St George's Church     3. Corner Mary and Mary Street
4. Foy's Boarding House     5. Thames Hospital, Baillie Street     6. Thames High School
7. Medical Superintendent's House     8. Bella and Pahau Street intersect    9. St James Church
10. Junction Hotel     11. Burke Street Wharf