Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Thames (NZ): Take a second look 'in colour' at Broad Street

What can one say...yes I am addicted to the MyHeritage 'colorized' offer, generously allowing us in these difficult times to have some FUN colourising / colorizing our favourite photographs. So I will be inundating you over the following weeks.

Looking south from Upper end of Broad Street, over Shortland (Thames). At centre right of image (amongst small group of buildings on the flat), are the premises of Butement Brothers, Manufacturers of Aerated Waters and Cordials, situated along Pollen Street. The Butement Brothers had aerated water factories established in Dunedin, Greymouth, Christchurch, Wellington and Shortland. The long white building in the centre background is Smale's Folly (Smale's Boarding House), built 1868/9. Phoenix Brewery?, centre left.
Thames Coromandel Region (N.Z.)

Source: 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 7-A16669'

What do you think? Amazing! The roads in particular show up so clearly, the different shades of green are amazing. For some reason, the colour allows me to step back and feel a connection to the scene.

One day at a time, find something to learn, find a new skill to enhance your research or story-telling skills. Most of all, take some time to reconnect with the history of the Thames.