Friday, April 10, 2020

Thames (NZ): The Wahine Disaster 10 April 1968

New Zealand 10 April 1968, the day the Wahine sunk on its way into the Port of Wellington.
On the day 51 lives were lost.

In Thames, a storm had raged overnight that bought flooding and road closures. The Topical Depression had caused 'severe gales.' Land around town, such as Rhodes Park was flooded. (photo below)

Rain fall in the area was measured at various locations over the last 24 hours: Upper Kauaeranga Valley 6.47 inches; Whangapoua 4.60 inches, and at the Tairua Forest 1.43 inches.

News came, that a Thames resident had been on the Wahine and was one of the survivors. 72 year old Thames widow, Mrs A M Dyer was on the inter-island ferry Wahine.

In a later edition of the Thames Star Newspaper, there is a full account from Mrs Dyer. Sadly my copy is not readable, so when we are released from lockdown, I will get a better copy from the Treasury, at Thames.