Saturday, January 8, 2011


 An early business of Thames and a landmark in Queen Street that many of us can remember.

1869 Charles JUDD established the THAMES IRONWORKS which was highly successful and made a wide variey of products including the CAPE CAMPBELL Lighthouse tower (shown in the photo below).
(source: Thames Goldfields Centenary 1867-1967)
In 1908 CHARLES JUDD took his five sons into partnership and CHARLES JUDD LTD was registered as a company. In later years the company became well known for their range of tubular steel office chairs and rotary lawnmowers that were marketed under the trade-name 'Rotoma'.

(source: Thames Goldfields Centenary 1867-1967)
Further information on CHARLES JUDD can be found in Cyclopedia of NZ 1902.
Also in centenary publications such as "Thames Goldfields Centennial 1867-1967.

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