Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thames Hotels

No history of Thames would be complete without mention of the Hotels of Thames.

A list of known hotels (100+) can be found here.

· Thames Goldfield opened 1/8/1867
· 1st proper hotel - Captain Butt's Shortland Hotel opened 29/8
· 1872 80 hotels listed (Auckland had 111)
· 112 different hotels noted, peak estimated to be 90 at one time
· Hotels had entertainment, shows and music
· Pacific Hotel boasted a visit from Duke of Edinburgh 1870 (but there is no proof this happened)
· 1874 Temperance Society wanted 31 Hotels closed
· 1876 Licensing Commission bought numbers down to 68
· As goldfields declined they were closed, converted, demolished
· In 1950 there were 13 hotels, the Licensing control, 6 were marked for closure: Exchange, Shortland, Post Office, Royal Park and Queens. Hotels to stay were: Warwick Arms, Brian Boru, Imperial, Salutation, Cornwall Arms, Junction and Lady Bowen (name transferred to the Park). Today the Imperial, Junction and Salutation remain.
(NB. On my website the JUNCTION has been omitted in error)

There are photos of hotels plus publican info at the above site.

Thames Star December 1946

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