Sunday, January 30, 2011

WWI - Thames War Memorials

This landmark of Thames stands proudly to the north of the main street, on the hill reached via Waiotahi Road and Monument road (look for 6 on this map, for general area).

There are many online sites covering this memorial including:
New Zealand History online which gives names and photos

The Treasury - this gives comprehensive information on the soldiers, including links to further information at the cenotaph database. There is information on men who served in WWI, including those who were killed in action.

You are able to get a full record of the war records of any of the WWI soldiers via ARCHWAY (archives). Archives are still in the process of digitising all these records. You may find the record you want for free and you can download immediately at the site, otherwise you can order and pay - archives will then make the record available free online.  Note, you can get this done for free if you are able to get someone to go into Archives Wellington and request the record on your behalf.

View from the Memorial - looking down on Burke Street Wharf
(now reclaimed land known as Moanataiari)

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