Monday, January 24, 2011

Early Thames Sports & Clubs

Particpation in sports was very important for Thamesites from the time the goldfields started, as well as a wide variety of club memberships. These are all regularly reported in the local newspaper.

Here are some examples.
Thames Bowling Club established 1900 and still going strong.
Thames cricket underway before 1900
Horse Racing - the first meet held 2/1/1868! An excellent resource being "Racing for Gold" by J Williams
Whaleboat racing & Rowing - very popular clubs, pre 1900 in particular. Crews travelled all round New Zealand to compete very successfully in a wide range of events.

(click to enlarge)
The names read from Middle top, clockwise:
Jas LOUGHLIN (Captain HRC), A OTTER (Strike), P WILSON (No 4), Jas TOWHILL (No 1), NEWDICK (Coach), H FISHER (No 2), H WOODS (No 3), E GIBBONS (Steer oar).
Like most provincial NZ towns there was also a very popular Brass Band,
Here are some names & details:
Established 1899
Officers for 1900:
Mr E G WILLIAMS, Bandmaster, Mr T B BOOTH, Sergeant & Secretary, Mr A HENDERSON, corporal, Mr J LANG, Treasurer

Other clubs and sports will be looked at in later posts.

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