Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thames (NZ): Long Drive Claim

Another gem from the Sir George Grey Collection at Auckland Libraries.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 536-Album-285-8-1
What can you see? A tramline runs across centre of photo, transporting the days finds to the nearest battery no doubt. All looks rudimentary - a work in progress! But take another look and see the hills completely denuded of any growth, as men have hacked at claims in search of traces of gold. Small miners huts dotted over the hills, close to the days work.

The Long Drive Claim, was south of the Kuranui Creek, not far from the famous Shotover Claim. A group of miners pegged out an eight man's claim from August 1867, one of whom was Alfred Newdick. Good money was made, which led to the floating of the Long Drive Gold Mining Company.

The name of John Watson Walker aka Long Drive Walker became synonymous with the mine, he was the Manager of the mine for many years, and lived in a large house on the Tararu Flat.

Lions Club Heritage Sign, marks the area of the Long Drive Claim.

Alfred Newdick's Memories