Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thames (NZ): 1913 Gathering

It wasn't meant to be a large gathering, but any excuse and the old Thamesites would rally together for a chance to go back 'home'.

Description: An historic gathering: old residents of the Thames District, Auckland, and their friends, to the number of about 1000, who visited their former home on Saturday last. The loyalty of Thames residents is proverbial - "Once a Thames man, always a Thames man." Last Saturday a great excursion to the goldfields town was originally the Thames Old Boys Association, when about 1000 ex-residents of the district and their families journeyed to Thames from Auckland in the fine steamer Wakatere.

Source: Auckland Weekly News 20 FEBRUARY 1913 p009 '
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19130220-9-1 '

A collection of photographs also appeared in the Auckland Weekly News, the following week, 27 February 1913.
Description: A photo montage showing the great re-union of ex-residents of the Thames in snapshots of the recent gathering at the Auckland Goldfields Town. Images: - 1. Arrival of the Wakatere at Thames. 2. Renewing old friendships. 3 and 7. The send-off at Thames Wharf on the return to Auckland. 4. The Mayors of Auckland and Thames (Messrs. Parr and Lowe). 5. A drive down the coast. 6. Pollen Street, Thames. 8. At the park. 9. The Wakatere at Thames Wharf.
Source: ' Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19130227-2-2 '

The newspapers have full reports of the reunion, they also mention that those attending wore special badges depending when they arrived on the goldfield. Source: Auckland Star, Volume XLIV, Issue 40, 15 February 1913

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