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Thames (NZ): Unfurling the Flag Waiokaraka School 1900

First the school had to get a flag staff. At the Waiotahi District School Committee monthly meeting reported in the Thames Star 14 July 1900, the committee heard that Mr Rodgers was donating a pole for the Waiokaraka School. Also that the Chairman would provide one for Waiotahi School.

The Headmaster of Waiokaraka reported that the children were busy raising money for the flag and that the unfurling could take place in about a month.  On the 16th August 1900, the unfurlings took place. The Naval Band played and the Mayor of Thames had the privilege of hoisting the flags. (Thames Star 16 August 1900)
 At the Waiokaraka School, the children posed by the flagstaff in separate photos for the boys and the girls. These photographs appeared in the Auckland Weekly News, which must have been a thrill for child and family alike! 
 Above: Boy pupils at the hoisting of the flag, Waiokaraka School, Auckland Goldfields.
Source: Source: 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19000824-1-1'
Below: Goldfields school girls at the unfurling of the flag, Waiokaraka, Thames, Auckland.
Source: 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19000824-1-3'

A question was posed regarding these photos above, was Thomas Isemonger the Headmaster in the photo. Although it is guesswork, we have though found a photo and obituary for Thomas.
 Photo left of THOMAS ISEMONGER: New Zealand Herald, 12 June 1935, Page 8.
Obituary on right: Auckland Star, 12 June 1935, Page 3
A photo of Waiokaraka School from " Thames & The Coromandel by Z & J Williams.

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