Friday, December 19, 2014

Thames (NZ): Holidays on the Thames Coast

Did you spend your childhood summer holidays on the Thames Coast? From Tararu, Whakatete Bay, Ngarimu Bay, Thornton Bay, Te Puru, Waiomo, Tapu or Te Mata - to name but a few of the holiday hotspots of old.

My earliest holiday memories are of Ngarimu Bay. Playing in the rock pools between the end of Ngarimu Bay and Thornton Bay. The big choice of which beach to swim at. Going for a trek to Miss Hammond's shop to get an ice-cream was always a necessity no matter when you passed near the bay.

Below is a 1900s photo of Ngarimu Bay - a challenging adventure on horse and cart.
Showing a beach and a horse drawn buggy on the Thames-Coromandel coast road running along the Firth of Thames at the northern end of Ngarimu Bay
Source: 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 2-V1272'

Below is a later view of Ngarimu Bay as housing starts to cover the hills. 
Links to present day Camping areas:
Dickson Park, Tararu, Thames
Te Puru Holiday Park, Te Puru, Thames Coast
The Tapu Camp, Tapu, Thames Coast

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