Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thames (NZ): Then & Now - BNZ corner part 2

This time the focus is on the Grahamstown Branch of the Bank of New Zealand. The branch had opened in February 1869. Owing to the thriving business and gold deposits, a new building was built around 1871. What a grand imposing building it was. Later known as the Thames Branch until it closed and business was carried on at the Sealey Street branch.
Grahamstown Branch of the Bank of New Zealand
Source: BNZ Archives, Wellington
1947 view of the old site of the BNZ on Albert Street, Grahamstown.
Current view of the old BNZ on the corner of Albert and Brown Streets.
Source: Google maps Dec 2014

Further Sources of Information:
The Treasury: Pre 1930 Business Folders
Auckland Star 2 Feb 1926 - reports closing of above branch and opening of new building.

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