Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thames (NZ): YouTube Videos of A & G Price's trains

Your chance to see the great trains that were produced by A & G Price of Thames. Maybe your ancestor worked on these trains, sit back and enjoy seeing them in action. Remember the stories of steam train trips - don't forget to put the window up before you enter the tunnel!!!
Lions' Heritage sign on Burke Street, Grahamstown, Thames.
 NZR No. A 428
 'A 428,' an A & G Price Steam Loco at the Weka Pass rail, Waipara, north Canterbury
 'A 428' a return trip, Another view of the Weka Pass express. A night train special. A tour of the train.

A&G Price 197: Shunting at Whakatu

V148:  was built by A&G Price in 1943 and features in this 2014 Steam extravaganza at 4min 45sec and in this 5 minute clip. Another view of the V from Prices of Thames.

Price Loco at Beaver Station.

Ab 699: In August 1922 A & G Price of Thames NZ delivered another new steam locomotive to the New Zealand Railways. It was of the Ab class numbered 699. Another video at Pleasant Point.
NB. There are a lot of train videos from Pleasant Point featuring Ab699 - search at YouTube.

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