Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thames (NZ){ The Moanataiari - Pre Subdivision

Following a comment from facebook, thought it was timely to remind folk of how the town looked before the reclamation. The beach area long filled and extended with mine tailings, rubbish and landfill, have us with the area known as the Moanataiari today.  Who can remember back to going to the 'dump' and seeing it move places until finally all the land was filled.
The land was developed and before you knew it houses began to appear!

 Description: Showing the Thames Goods Wharf with the Moanataiari Flume in the middle. The large building in the centre is the Kuranui Hotel. All of the are containing shipping is now reclaimed.

 Description: Thames - 29 December 1961
Source: Whites Aviation Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library: Ref WA-56845-G
From this:
To this:
Source: Google maps

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