Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thames (NZ): THEN & NOW - UNA HILL

From the time the goldfields opened, the backdrop known as Una Hill or simply the Una - was a hive of activity. Mining all up the Karaka and in the ranges beyond. It didn't take long for the hills to be barren from the mining and littered with tracks and tramways.
Looking over Karaka Creek, Thames, showing Una Hill in the background, with Una tramway leading down to Una Battery. The Battery is the twin building with a brick chimney and overshot waterwheel. The dark roofed building in the right foreground is probably Scanlon's Battery.
There is a tramline in the foreground.
The Una was a large claim, with adits driven in both sides of Una Hill. It worked from 1868 to 1878, them continuing under other names until at least 1930. Up to the latter date, total bullion produced from the claim was about 30,000 oz. This is an early photograph. The tramline in the foreground was a contribution by the Government.(Information from back of file print)
Source: Looking over Karaka Creek, Thames, showing Una Hill and the Una Battery. Ref: 1/2-065413-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

 Take a closer look above at the housing and living conditions of the miners and their families. Many miners lived up the Karaka.
Below a view of the Una Hill today. (D Wilton Collection)

Further information on mining on the Una:
The Treasury Journal: The Una Gold Mining and Quartz Crushing Company by D Wilton

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