Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thames )NZ): One hundred years ago - 23 Dec 1914

One hundred years ago, the people of Thames were busy preparing for Xmas - but this was a new age for many with the war in Europe continuing to escalate. It was reported that Germany had 'called-up' all fit men aged 17 to 45 years of age.
  • Mr Bongard the chemist, was selling a tonic that might help Thamesites through the xmas season.
  • If you spent more than ten shillings at Hetherington's, you got a free gift for xmas.
  • A Court & Son, had special discounts depending how much the customer spent.
  • The people of Augustus Street had written to the Thames Borough Council wanting to know when they were getting electricity. Other Borough news - they were to allow the Thames Jockey Club the use of the water cart to keep Parawai Road watered between race days.
  • A selection of Thames Hotels were trying to woo the holiday makers, offering them a great stay at their establishment. They included: Mr W Bright at the Royal Hotel; Mr R E Price at the Pacific Hotel; Mr A Kerr at the Wharf Hotel; Mr A Thomas at the Cornwall Arms; and Mr W Canner at the Shortland Hotel.
  • Banks were to be closed from Xmas Day until and including the 2nd January 1915.
  • There had been a fire at the '2 C's Restaurant' owned by Mr Carrington at 1.45pm this afternoon. Damage had also been caused to the adjoining shops of H Lowe (Butcher) and Mr Collins (Confectioner).
  • Land Agent T W Newman was selling 56 acres at Turua for 25 Pounds an acre. Or you could have  a large six roomed house in Block 27 for 500 Pounds.
Amongst the news was the amazing discovery of an ex-Thames man, Mr W [Walter] OVEREND. He had found a way to solder aluminium, that people had been trying to discover for the past century!!!
Merry Xmas from Thames

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