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Thames (NZ): Golden Days for Thames 1909

Hope was never over. The miners and investors always believed that the next big find was just around the corner - even if it meant going deeper and deeper. Hence the Deep Levels Scheme. (Contains information also on the Moanataiari Fault)

Description of the Double-page photo spread:
(1) The Paeroa Gold Extracting Company's works on the Ohinemuri River, showing the Waihi Company's dam in the foreground
(2) Studying the market after a call on the Auckland Stock Exchange.
(3) Shortland, Thames, with the Thames-Hauraki pumping plant in the foreground
(4) The Waiotahi Mine, Thames.
(5) Adam's dredging plant for extracting the gold from the old tailings on the Thames Beach
(6) Auckland Stock Exchange.
(7) Development of the deep levels of the Thames Goldflelds, showing the situation of the different mines: (1) May Queen battery; (2) Old Big Pump; (3) Moanataiari Creek. The Kuranui-Caledonian shaft is situated about 300 seek. (4) Waiotahi Creek. The mine is about 300 yards up the creek. (5) Victoria mine. (6) Saxon mine.
Source: NZ Graphic, 21 July 1909, p25
'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, NZG-19090721-25-1 '

Enlarged view of Photo Labelled No 7.

Further information on the Deep Levels Scheme:
The Thames School of Mines
The Treasury - see index

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