Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thames(NZ): The 1927 Diamond Jubilee - Auckland Reunion

As many old Thamesites could not make the trip back to their old stamping ground for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, another round of events was held in Auckland in August 1927. A wonderful report in The New Zealand Observer 18 August 1927, gives full details and a wealth of illustrations.

Above Left: Thames Pioneers. Left to right: Alex Ross, Wm Goldsworthy, Richard Ross and Thos Goldsworthy. Taken December 1867.
Above Right: Old Thames Identities. Left to right, Richard Grattan and Richard Ross. Taken January 1869.

 Right: The late Mr J P JONES. Of the old Karaka School, one of Thames' first schoolmasters

"Every colour of gold that had ever been found was discussed that day and old Thames was raked from hill to flat, from creek to sea in every street in Auckland and in many a hostelry...Hard old West Country faces, hard old seared hands, soft old hearts. Noticed one very charming Maori custom among the Thamesites - the silent shake of the hand and pass on; a sort of mutual understanding and fraternity.  Couldn't quite understand why anybody should preach to those people, for they and those like them are the salt of New Zealand and the type and pattern and foundation of the country's greatness. Saw several little groups about with an odd man or an odd woman dropping a tear or so. The revival of old acquaintance, a tale of an ancient tragedy, some loss that had occurred was the reason."

This may seem over dramatic reporting, but the sentiments that are voiced above echo in many reports, including those from the people themselves. What ever it was about living on The Thames, it would be a memory they would never forget. Even today, it is a special bond when one finds a fellow researcher who is related to a Thames goldfield pioneer!
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