Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thames (NZ): 1947 Queen Street (Walter to Richmond Street)

 In the 1947 Street Directory the residents of this part of Queen street from Pahau to Walter to Mary Street on the east side (hill side) were: Frank Clark; Hy Shepherd; Harold Morgan; H Hincho - Walter Street - Chas Farrow; David Ross; Dr Keith Michelle; Noah Jonassen, Lambs Timber yard.

On the west side of Queen Street between Walter and Mary Street were: ?Samuel Driver (old Price's house); Braemar Hospital and Ms Bach, Matron; Geo Morrison; T Morrison. It should be noted with street directories it can sometimes be confusing whether a resident is listed in one or both street when they are on a corner section. Samuel Driver is an example he is listed as being on the right side of Walter Street before the Queen Street intersect, so presumably on the corner next to the two-storey building that is Braemar Hospital.

The street directory details for Walter Street are left side from the beach: Queen Street - D Ganley, R Smith, F Vedder, Thos Roe, S & R Donkin Garage. The right side from beach: Samuel Driver - Queen Street - V J Branks, Mrs F Jamieson, H Howard, W Price, Earl Williams.

 In the 1947 Street Directory the residents of this part of Queen street from Mary Street were: B D Chapman , Theatre Ppr; Hetherington Flats; Norm Spiers, salesman; Walter Wright, dentist; Ms May Glasville; Mrs Annette Baker; Jas Finlay Clerk of Court; Trevyln Miller, Med Pract; W Judd, Mgr; W Jack, Grocer.

As you can see we have a lot more names that houses, many would be occupants of the Hetherington Flats. The large empty section is the site of the old Thames Gas Works, later to be the site of the Thames War Memorial Hall and RSA.

 The 1947 Wises Street Directory has these residents listed from the Sealey Street intersect on the east (hill side) of Queen Street: Rev J C Macky; Les Newby; Mrs J Collins; Mrs Kirby; Danl Bustard; Richard Baker; Mrs Gollop; R Lowrie; A Neighbour and Thos Adams.

The building on the railway line (sea side) of the street is the Thames Plunket Rooms. It was directly opposite the end of Sealey Street. Look up  Sealey Street on the right hand side and you will see the Thames Star Offices, these have now been pulled down and a new building constructed. Occupied by the newspaper company - Hauraki Herald Publishers.

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