Friday, February 6, 2015

Thames (NZ): Thames Central School 1960s

Thanks to past Thames Central School Teacher, Tom Bowie, who has shared some photos of the school and staff. I'm sure these will bring back memories to those of you who attended the school during 1960 - 1963.

If you can help with any names that are missing, we would be very grateful.

The view on the right is looking east along Cochrane Street. Past the basketball court to the bike shed and the classrooms.

The view below is from Campbell Street, looking a the back of the school, in the direction of Pollen Street to the south-west. What grand old buildings - does anyone have any photos of the buildings being demolished?

The aerial view was taken in 1967. The Thames Central School complex is left of centre.
Staff Photo 1960
Back Row: P Bateman, Mr Sutcliffe (Caretaker),  ?, ?, H Ross, T Brunton, T Bowie.
Front Row: Mrs Frazer (Dental Nurse), A Delamore (First Assistant), I T Grant (Headmaster), J Hill (Infant Mistress), Mrs Grant  (Secretary),  ?.
Staff Photo 1961
Back Row: Nurse Santry, Mr Sutcliffe (Caretaker), T. Oudt, M Stewart, D McDonald, ?, H Ross, Nurse Frazer.
Front Row: A Delamore (First Assistant), J Hill (Infant Mistress), I T Grant (Headmaster), Mrs Grant (Secretary), P Bateman
Absent: T Bowie.
Staff Photo 1963
Back Row: J McDonald (Goudie), C Taylor, D Welsh,  ?, J Cowan.
Front Row:  ?,  A Delamore (First Assistant), I T Grant (Headmaster), J Hill (Infant Mistress), T Bowie.
Further Photos:
There are several class photographs at oldfriends, 

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