Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thames NZ: Shoprite Supermarket 1966

1966 was a big year for Thames, the arrival of a "modern" Supermarket was front page news and the talk of the town. The Thames Star 20 September 1966, dropped by the day before the grand opening to see the preparations. Work was frantic, shelves being stocked and different trades making last minute adjustments.

The Shoprite Supermarket was located on the ground floor of the newly opened Municipal Building, on the corner of Mary and Pollen Streets.

A large advertisement for the shop appeared the following year, in the "1867-1967 Thames Centennial" Book. (Photos below)

Mr Dick Rolfe said: Our aim is to please the customer and to offer an all-round, modern, efficient shopping service.

They claimed that thousands of  money saving specials. Also that parking was never a problem, as there was parking at the back of the building by the Thames War Memorial.

The photos hopefully will bring back memories - it certainly seemed amazing at the time, and to have so much on offer!


Today, the shop is used by Sterling Sports. Over the years it has seen many other businesses. Including: The Goldmine Bar, Trustbank, Evans-Keane (Furnishing), Kenton Interiors, and Paki Paki Bikes.
Source: Google Maps 2012 view - Corner Pollen and Mary Streets.

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