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Thames (NZ): Thames Bowling Club

From Playing Sports on the Thames Goldfields:
"A public meeting was held to see if there was a need for a bowling club. Mr Court was the first elected President and the committee decided on a suitable site.  They leased four sections in Baillie Street from the Maori owners. (Term 21 yrs, cost £21pa). This land was later bought in 1920 for £500.   
On Friday 30th November 1900, the club officially opened with 66 members...A newspaper report on Opening Day said, “I see the Thames bowlers have not forgotten their friends in Auckland. They have sent invites to all clubs to send a rink down for the opening day (St Andrew’s Day) The ‘Ditcher’ sends his compliments, and trusts that the Thames bowling will have a pleasant and prosperous time, and that an exchange visit will be the order of the day. I have not heard what colour the Thames Club have chosen as a distinguishing mark from the Southern clubs. The ‘Ditcher’ fancies yellow would be the very thing, Quartzopolis have produced so much gold. Anyhow, this is the result of my crushing.” Observer 1/12/1900 

"Some of the 1900 Office Bearers for the Thames Bowling Club were: President: Mr Alfred Price; Vice: Presidents: Messrs A Court, W McCullough, A Smith, W Burton; Green Superintendent: Mr W Burton; Hon Sec.& Treasurer: Mr W Price."
Description: Showing the opening day at the Thames Bowling Club, 1 November 1902.
Source: Auckland Weekly News 13 November 1902 p011
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19021113-11-3

Below: c1950-60s View of  The Thames Bowling Club in Baillie Street aka Court Street, Thames.
Further Information:
"100 Years of Bowls 1900 - 2000" by Thames Bowling Club.

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