Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thames (NZ): SECOND LOOK - General View of Thames (Grahamstown) c1900

Another look at the postcard, many Thamesites' favourite due to the intricate colouring. What can you see? It is easy to let ones eye just scan and say I know that one. Take another look and see what landmarks you can spot, what streets can you name. Some clues will be given later in the post. But for now lets stop and see what else this card can reveal. Many posters don't share the purpose of the card - that is what was on the back!
 The card was written by William Coad to G Kallyell (?), 190 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania.
"Thames, 29/9/07.  Received four nice cards from you on Friday last. Liked the Greetings card very much. The View on this card is another one of Thames. The big Chimney in foreground is attached to a big pumping plant for draining the water from our gold mines. Kind regards, Wm Coad."

There was William Coad who was a stationer on the corner of Sealey and Pollen Streets, also a William Coad who was a miner.
Some of things to find:
Big square tower to right of centre is Price's Foundry, on Owen Street.

A tennis court at corner of Bella and Cochrane Streets.

Martha Street running on west side of Waiokaraka School. Look at all the striped verandah roofs that we spotted also in Pahau Street - a Thames favourite!

Cornwall Arms Hotel on corner of Pollen and Cochrane Streets. Although this postcard was posted 1907, the photo was taken before the second floor renovations around 1906.
Saxon Mine, corner of Albert and Pollen Street.

Burke Street Wharf and Grahamstown Railway Station on Beach Road.
Good luck, taking a second look at any postcards you have or see - and remember to see what gems are written on the back!

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