Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thames (NZ): Thames Goldfields View 1868 - Shortland to Block 27

THAMES GOLDFIELDS: View from the beach of Shortland towards Block 27 where many miners first settled. The central part of Pollen Street took longer to inhabit with people and shops - people preferring the north and south of the town, and the hills! The higher those old Thamesites could perch the better, the trek to the shops forgotten, maybe chosen as closer to their mining claim.

 To the left of the shop in the distance can be seen the St George's Church in Rolleston Street, going further back to Tommys Lane (aka Edward Street), Sandes Street and beyond. The hills are already stripped bare of wood and well scoured by the earlier miners.

 Source: 1873-1973 Thames Borough Centenary by L P O'Neill.

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