Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thames (NZ): Kauaeranga River Postcard

Views of Thames.
What a joy it is to find a new postcard of Thames, and at a reasonable cost!
This postcard of the Kauaeranga River is taken from the area below present day Herewaka Street.

A young boy poses for the camera near the Kauaeranga River. It a high tide or maybe the river is in flood. In the distance (lower photo), are the houses and businesses on Bank Street.  There were stables, abattoir and stock yard in the earlier days.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thames (NZ): Shortland Cemetery at findagrave

While I don't have any affiliations to findagrave, heck I can't even afford a subscription for ancestry who are connected with the site! Regardless of this I have been occupied entering as many burials as I could for nearby Tararu Cemetery, and now for Shortland Cemetery.

We must not forget the great resource that already exists - The Treasury at Thames has extensive information on these local cemeteries, along with headstone photos. Luckily Treasury volunteer Pauline completed this task, as the graves continue to deteriorate at a rapid rate - each time one visits there appears to be more evidence of damage and general deterioration.

My aim is to have the names online before the 150th proclamation anniversary - 30th July 2017. Thanks so far to one other researcher, who by coincidence is also working on the same project! The more tapping fingers the easier the task will be!

Why? So we can continue to remember and learn more about the goldfield pioneers, who were able to settle thanks to the generosity of the local iwi. If you can add any names, or add to the brief memorial I will be setting up, your help would be appreciated.

Shortland Cemetery is special for me, as it is the resting place for many of my direct ancestors:
Great Grandparents John Barker and Maria Barker; Great,great,great Grandmother Susan Timmins (Moran); Great,great,great Grandparents James and Mary Hardman; Great,great,great Grandparents William and Phillipa Vercoe; and Great,great,great great Grandfather John Vercoe.

I have just completed surnames starting with 'B' and will now jump to the 'W' Surnames (fingers crossed.
For background information on the cemeteries of Thames go to the Cemetery page.