Thursday, December 30, 2010

Historic Places Thames

The HISTORIC PLACES of NEW ZEALAND currently has the following buildings/sites on the historic places register. For full details on these places, click here to search the register and enter THAMES

A & G Prices Foundry 208 Beach Road, THAMES
Band Rotunda Brown St, Victoria Park, THAMES
Boer War Memorial Brown St, Victoria Park, THAMES
Brian Boru Hotel 200 Richmond Street, THAMES
Burke Street Wharf Waiotahi Creek Rd, THAMES
Former Cornwall Arms Hotel (now Club) 407 Cochrane Street, THAMES
Former Lady Bowen Hotel 506 Brown Street, THAMES
Holy Trinity Church (Anglican) Parawai Road, THAMES
House 727 Tararu Rd, THAMES
House 746 Tararu Road, THAMES
House 750 Tararu Rd, THAMES
House 200 Queen Street, THAMES
House 306 Richmond St, Shortland, THAMES
Junction Hotel Pollen Street, THAMES
Lady Bowen Hotel 501 Brown Street, THAMES
Livery Stables (Former) Cochrane Street, THAMES
Marshall House (Former) 210 Parawai Road, THAMES
Old Golden Crown Battery Building Brown Street, THAMES
Pillar Box (VR type) Mary Street, THAMES
Pillar Box (VR type) Queen St, THAMES
Pillar Box (VR type) Willoughby Street, THAMES
Public Library Queen Street & Davy Street, THAMES
Queen of Beauty Mine Pump Quadrants Cochrane Street, THAMES
Railway Goods Shed Queen Street, THAMES
Railway Station Queen Street, THAMES
Royal Hotel (Former) Brown Street, THAMES
Saxon Shafts Pump Station Albert Street, THAMES
School of Mines Buildings 101 Cochrane Street, THAMES
Shop Frontage 758 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 736 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 754 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 738-742 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 750 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 746-748 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 726 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 724 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 714 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 710 Pollen St, THAMES
Shop Frontage 720 Pollen St, THAMES
Shortland Wharf Jellicoe Crescent, THAMES
Sir Walter Scott Lodge of Light 415 Mackay Street, THAMES
St George's Church (Anglican) Mary Street, THAMES
St George's Church Hall (Ang) Mackay Street, THAMES
St James' Union Church Pahau Street, THAMES
St James' Union Church Hall Pahau Street, THAMES
St John's Church (Anglican) Tararu Rd, Tararu, THAMES
Thames / Hauraki Mine Pumphouse Cochrane Street, THAMES
Thames Aluminium Co. Building Queen Street, THAMES
Thames Borough Council Office (Former) Queen Street, THAMES
Thames Courthouse (Former) Queen St, THAMES
Thames Cultural Centre Building Tararu Road, THAMES
World War One Monument Monument & Waiotahi Creek Rds, THAMES

Band Rotunda at Victoria Park Thames 1900s
(On Historic Places Register)
The Thames Coromandel District Council are in the process of completing a heritage study of Thames that will identify places and buildings of historical significance around the town. An ealier version is available on line, including the heritage tree register.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thames Floods

One of the most frequent event for Thamesites over the years was dealing with regular floods. The principal creeks and rivers often overflowing in times of heavy rain eg. Kauaeranga River, Hape and Karaka Creeks, plus many of the smaller normally minor streams.
1917 Flood - Pollen Street (between Mary and Walter Street intersects)
YES that is a building in the middle of Pollen Street!!! (Photo above). There are photos from the other angle in Postcards taken by E Dunnage.  Also several of the recorded oral histories at The Treasury remembered the time the building next to present Browns 100% was 'moved' by the flood waters.

The Thames Star newspaper is full of accounts of minor and major damage from floods in the area. On 23 February 1917 one such report where a reader is disappointed about the third major flood since Thames was settled and the amount of debris in the Karaka creek that lead to severe flooding in central Pollen Street.

Monday, December 27, 2010


An overview of the burial grounds for Thames can be found at my genealogy site.

One of the first European burial grounds being near the Kauaeranga Pa located at the south end of Mackay Street, by present day Jellicoe Crescent.

Thames Star Newspaper: 29 Sept 1953
(click to enlarge)
The Treasury Journal has several articles on the history of the two main early cemeteries:
Shortland and Tararu Cemetery

Kiwicelts Cemetery site allows you to see location of all the cemetery sites just enter THAMES in location box and then you can explore details of each one and available records.
Location: Tararu Cemetery is approx 3 kilometres north of Thames, on SH 25 as you head up the Coromandel Peninsula. To reach the cemetery there is a track up the hill about 350 metres after the bridge on the north side of Tararu.

Location: On the hills of central Thames, drive up Hape Road, turn right up The Terrace, left up Mount Pleasant to Danby Street.

Early photo of Shortland Cemetery, Thames

The Thames Coromandel District Council has an excellent searchable online index for burial records  for cemeteries all over the Peninsula. Check at the bottom of each page for aerial photo of the selected gravesite. The TCDC has large map plans of the cemeteries, these are also available at The Treasury.

Also I have compiled a pre 1900 database for Tararu and Shortland Cemeteries which relates to the NZSG transcriptions. Full copies of these documents are at the Thames Library and The Treasury.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


The first aged Mens refuge was on the western side of Baillie Street by Karaka Creek in 1879. Designed for men who were homeless, destitute and without family. At the beginning there was no caretaker but following an inmates death, a caretaker was appointed. A concern was that there was nothing for the men to do and that many would be able to do light work if it was available.

1894 the Charitable Aid Board secured land at Tararu for an Old Mens and Womens Home. The 12 acre property cost equivalent of $70 an acre (ref "Thames 100 years"). Farming was started on the site and continued till 1960. Over the years development was undertaken at the site to many of the buildings. The homes provided vital care for the elderly of Thames and surrounding areas. The home w asrun by the Thames Hospital Board.

Several of the oral histories recorded by the Thames Oral History group have accounts about the Tararu homes.

The home and land is now privately owned and has been completely redeveloped into a facility offering all categories of care, from independent to dependent run by Bupa

Tararu District Homes - Thames

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Block 27 Thames

Often researchers are confused when their relatives address is given as BLOCK 27 - a name that was widely used on maps and by residents, for instance when they registered Births, Marriages or Deaths.

The original name for Block 27 was WAITANGIRUA and this name still appears on deed documents.
In August 1885 a Royal commission was opened to look at the tenure of Block 27. (Thames Star 20 Jan 1955 as reported by T Hammond)  The lower line of Augustus Street was noted as being the first line cut in the goldfield and was fenced by Taipari and Mackay in 1867; and ran across to Gibbons Battery at Karaka Creek. There were ongoing queries on land ownership which can be seen in the Thames Star in 1885 ending in the court case in August 1885.

A full report of the 1885 court case can be found online at Papers past, here is an example of one day. An interesting mention in September 1885 that this land known as block 27 was originally designed to be a diggers camp.

The photo below is taken from Sandes Street, just north of the Sealey Street intersect. Augustus Street North is middle left, in the middle is Franklin Street, further up is Richmond Street. In the far left can be seen Shortland Cemetery. See Further street photos here and maps on my main site.

BLOCK 27, Thames (Dunnage Postcard Booklet)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1868 Businesses at SHORTLAND, Thames

Thanks to a report in 1917 by M WHITEHEAD we can travel the streets of Shortland and see the shops that were in existence in those early, goldrush years.  When thousands wandered the often muddy streets to collect provisions and stop for the odd drink or two.

The report was published in The THAMES STAR newspaper 1 August 1917. The person in question being MATTHIAS WHITEHEAD who came to Thames in 1868 and went on to establish his own bootmaking business in Pollen Street (opposite Walter Street).

The writer turns the corner of Grey Street into Pollen Street, past ADLAM's Store, then takes us north past RENSHAW's, BARNETT's DINING ROOMS, FORD's Hotel, BNZ, Bootstore, Mr OTTO's BOARDING House & Restaurant, SHUTLTZ's Auction Mart, Bootstore, Jewellery shop, Bowling alley, PEAK's Butchery, LICHFIELD, OSBORNE & Co Grocery.

We then go back to the other corner of Grey & Pollen Street on the eastern side at BUTT's SHORTLAND Hotel. Northwards onto HAMILTON's Bakery, LEVY & GOLDWATER Wine & Spirits, KARAKA Hotel, MASON's Hairdressing Saloon, MAY the bootmaker, BARNETT & LEVY General Store, CULPITT the saddler, WOOD the tobacconist, CULPITT's Fancy Pastry Shop, PEMBROKE Hotel, WAIT's Stationary & Library, WILLIAMS drapery and HOTEL [Bendigo] on corner of Willoughby and Pollen Street.

Other shops mentioned in the next block were EXCHANGE Hotel, COX's Chemist, BERTRAM the tentmaker, WILSON's drapery and HUME's Butchery.

Shortland, Thames (1870s) taken from corner of Grey & Pollen Streets (looking north), Butt's Shortland Hotel on the right.
Take a few moments to read the newspaper article in full, and imagine walking up both sides of the street - just as M WHITEHEAD did back in 1868.

(This photo and many others of early Shortland available at The Treasury, Thames and online via sources such as Digital NZ)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NEW THAMES HISTORY site - Te Ara webpages

Wonderful new history site with pages covering HAURAKI-COROMANDEL region.

A wide variety of topics covered
Overview,  Geology and landscape, Climate, plants and animals, Māori migration and settlement, Māori and European: 1769 to 1840, Māori society, 1840 to 1920, Kauri timber and gum, Gold mining, Drainage and dairying on the plains, Government and politics, Transport and communications, Population and society since 1910, Sport and culture, Facts and figures, Further Sources

Alot of material, click on the side links from the OVERVIEW page for quick access

The GALLERY page has a quick link to lots of pictures, videos and audio on a wide variety of topics.

So much to explore, there is also a quick link to places in the area including THAMES.

Pre 1900 PIONEER FAMILIES of the wider THAMES area

Did your ancestors settle in Thames Valley/ Coromandel Peninsula area pre 1900?

You may be interested in the Pioneer family collection held at The Treasury, half way down the page is information on the Pioneer Register and some of the names recently added to the collection.

A great way to share information with fellow researchers and make further family contacts. The forms are available here and can be sent in if you are not able to visit The Treasury, Thames.

The Treasury history & research centre, Queen Street Thames

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

H D DRIVER - early Thames artist

One of the most surprising outcomes from researching early Thames businesses was the number of different types of businesses that were in existence.

For example, there were several people advertising as artists, with pictures for sale and being available for commission work. One of the most famous of the time was H D DRIVER.

H D Driver arrived in Thames late 1870s and appears in street directories up to early 1900s. Numerous advertisements can be found in the Thames newspapers.

One of his most famous paintings was of the Big Kauri Tree, that was later destroyed by fire 4 January 1898.
An article on the tree is online in The Treasury Journal.
H D Driver's painting of THE BIG KAURI TREE, at The Thames Library

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thames HOSPITAL Records

Archives Auckland have a wide variety of records related to Thames Hospital. The catalogue can be searched online at archway.

When you enter THAMES HOSPITAL in the search box, there are hundreds of results, narrow your search options if required. Clicking on the SERIES results you will find a large number of Patient related records: Inpatient Registers, Day registers, Operation Registers to name but a few.

At Auckland Archives there is a card index which makes finding your required patients records even easier.
This card index for Thames Hospital has details for each admission and includes:
Date admitted
Date discharged
and reference eg  ZAAP 15288/2A page 55

You then go to the archives computer to order the correct ledger eg
The ZAAP and 15288/2a goes into the computer to order the ledger and the entry is on page 55

Thames Hospital, Baillie Street, Thames

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Postcards of Thames

There are many sources on the internet for ealy pictures of Thames, my favourite are the many  postcards that are in circulation.  Postcards were popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

I have many scattered on my webpages, some external links may need updating (apologies for dead links), there are also many on the street views pages (which also have a selection of present and past photos).

Digital NZ is a quick way of looking for images (select images only) and for those able to visit The Treasury, Thames, there is a large collection of photographs.

Thames, from Mt Pleasant, NZ

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (U to Z)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

VAILE W Oufitter Owen Street
VALLER & THORNTON Fruiterer Brown Street and Pollen Street Thorntons
VAUTIER & ANDERSON Architect Thames James Kernick agent
VEALE Thomas Insurance Agent Thames See: North British & Mercantile
VEALE & CO Produce Merchant Pollen Street Central
VEALE & HUDSON Produce Merchant Pollen Street
VERRAN BROS LTD Carrier Queen Street See: Dickey & Verran Co
WADES BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Queen Street aka Provincial Boardinghouse
WAIOTAHI RESTAURANT Restaurant Abraham Street
WALDRON & MUMEY Blacksmith Queen Street
WALLACE & CO Jeweller Brown Street
WALLACE SUPPLIES LTD Provision Merchant Pollen Street
WALLER G Tobacconist Brown Street
WALSH James Henry Butcher Owen St Previously John Neal's. See also: Davies Bros
WALTERS J Clothier Cnr Mary & Pollen St The Corner Shop
WALTON J L Grocer Sealey Street
WAYMOUTH & CO Auctioneer Cnr Albert & Kirkwood St
WAYTE Edward Publisher Pollen Street
WELLS BROS Butcher Brown Street
WELLS Seymour Goldsmith Williamson St
WEST John Blacksmith "Willoughby St and Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St"
WEST J B & Co Stock Agent Parawai
WHELAN Mrs Confectioner Pollen Street
WHITE Mrs George Boarding house Owen Street
WHITE W & Son Car Sales Pollen Street
WHITEHEAD & SON Bootmaker Pollen Street M Whitehead
WHITFORD J L Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
WICKHAM John Dickson Sharebrokers Exchange Buidings Grahamstown
WIGHT R A junr Produce Merchant Pollen Street
WILCOX Miss Adult Education Pollen Street
WILDISH Geo W Tailor Pollen Street
WILDMAN Thos & Mrs Music Teachers Pollen Street
WILKES M J Watchmaker Pollen Street Chronometer House
WILKINSON George T Interpreter Shortland
WILLETTS Mrs Umbrellas Pollen Street See: C B THORNE
WILLIAMS & CO E F Brewery Agent Grahamstown
WILSON & CO Draper Pollen Street
WILTSHIRE George Storekeeper Cnr Mary & Pollen St Previously Wm Hewitt & Co
WINDER F Car Sales Pollen Street
WISEMAN R Tailor Brown Street
WOLFE B Seedsman Albert Street
WOOD Geo Grocer Pollen Street Wm Wood
WOOD H J Bookseller & Stationer Brown Street
WOOD Robert Draper Pollen Street Caledonian House
WOOD T Tobacconist & Clothier Pollen Street
WOOD W Bookbinder Sandes Street
WOOD & CO Auctioneer Shortland
WORTHINGTON G S Blacksmith Pollen and Queen Street See: James Buchan
WRIGHT C D Land Agents Albert Street
WRIGHT Henry H Land Agents Exchange Buidings Grahamstown
WRIGHT H L Dentists Pollen Street
WRIGHT W C Surveyor Grahamstown
WRIGHT & BAYLDON Surveyor Thames
WYLIE W S Draper Pollen Street
YOUNG S Transport Thames Thames Line of Omnibusses
ZEALAND BOOT WAREHOUSE Bootmaker Thames aka: NZ Boot Warehouse

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (S to T)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

SALMON H Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
SAMUEL Joseph Tobacconist Owen Street
SANDES R F Chemist Owen Street Medical Hall
SAUNDERS Alex Sharebrokers Owen Street
SCOTT Robert Bootmaker Rolleston Street
SCOTT W Grocer Pollen Street
SCOTTER E H (Mrs) Music Teachers Kirkwood Street
SHAPPERE S Watchmaker Albert Street
SHAREBROKERS Sharebrokers Thames Multiple Listings
SHAW F Bootmaker Brown Street
SHAW G L Dentists Pollen Street
SHAW J W Produce Merchant Rolleston Street
SHAW & ROBINSON Bootmaker Brown Street
SHEPHERD & BOOTH Painter Owen Street
SHEPHERD & CO Draper Albert Street
SHERLOCK BROTHERS Butcher Pollen Street See: William Adcock
SHORT C Stables & Coal Yard Cochrane Street
SHORT & CO Transport Thames
SHORTLAND BAZAAR Bazaar Shortland R Morgan
SHORTLAND PHARMACY Chemist Pollen Street See: Charles Cox
SHORTLAND TIMBER MILL Timber Merchants Shortland See: H Hoyle
SIMPSON Mrs Hat Maker Pollen Street
SIMS & NORMAN Surveyor Grahamstown
SKATING RINK Sports St Georges Hall T Keevin
SKEANE & CHAPMAN Auctioneer Brown Street
SMALE Boat builder Shortland
SMALES (FOLLY) Boarding house Shortland
SMALL Herbert H Music Teachers Richmond St
SMITH & CO Butcher Queen Street
SMITH Alfred J Builder Richmond St
SMITH Franklin J Joinery Sealey Street Late R Smith
SMITH J H & Co Ironmonger Owen Street
SMITH Mrs Dressmaker Abraham Street
SMITH R N Firewood Beach
SMITH William Butcher Brown Street
SNODGRASS & MCGUIRE Bakery Karaka See also: Rollerson & Son
SNODGRASS & MAGUIRE Bakery Cnr Pollen & Richmond St See: Mrs C Coolahan
SOLICITORS Solicitors Thames List of names
SOUTER W & Co Agent Wharf See: Auckland & Thames Steam Navigation Co
SPENCER Thomas Ironmonger Pollen Street
SPENCER & CO Sharebrokers Willoughby St
SPENCER & HALL Chemist Owen Street
SPRATT R Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
STAR STORE Grocery Karaka Road Mrs Ludlow
STEPHENS Fishmonger Mary Street
STEPHENSONS PRIVATE BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Cnr Pollen & Richmond St
STEWART F E Photograher Queen Street
STILLWELL & CO Nursery Parawai
STONE Boat builder Shortland
STRONG AND LATHAM Paint & Paperhangers Pollen Street
STUARTS BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street aka London Bakery
STYAK William Sylvester Sharebrokers Albert Street
SULLY & WARDELL Sharebrokers Pollen Street
SWALES C E Photograher Pollen Street
TARARU STORE Storekeeper Tararu See: F B Hughes
TARGETT E Fish Curer Shortland
TAYLOR A A (Mrs) Confectioner Pollen Street Previously: C G Laurie
TAYLORS FISHERY LTD Fish Shop Cnr Queen & Pahau Street
TEASDALE M Plumber Willoughby Street
TEMPLER, WHALLEY & CO Surveyor Queen St
THAMES AERATED WATER CO Aerated Water Pollen Street see: Menzies
THAMES AUCTION MART Auctioneer Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St
THAMES BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street See: F Trembath
THAMES BAZAAR Fancy Bazaar Brown Street See; John Keesing
THAMES CATTLE MARKET Stock Agent Parawai See: Banks & Co
THAMES CLOTH HALL Drapery Thames See: Joseph Moses
THAMES COUNTY COUNCIL County Council Mary Street
THAMES DRAPERY & CLOTHING Drapery & Clothing Pollen Street
THAMES FREEZING WORKS Freezing Works Thames The Freezing Company
THAMES GALVANISED IRON WORKS Ironmonger Thames See: George McCaul
THAMES LAND BLDG & INVEST SOC (PERM) Building Society Albert Street
THAMES PAINT MANUFACTURING Co Paint Factory Thames See: NZ Paint Manufacturing Co
THAMES PORK AND BACON STORE, Pollen St & Owen St (William Tetley)
THAMES SERVICE & PARKING STATION Service Station Pollen Street
THEATRE ROYAL Theatre Owen Street
THE CORNER SHOP Clothier Cnr Mary & Pollen St See: J Walters
THE FARMERS CO-OP AUCTIONEERING CO Auctioneer Pollen Street see: Central Mart
THE KAURI TIMBER CO Timber Merchants Thames
THE PIONEER STORE Ironmonger Shortland & Waiotahi See: Alexander Hogg
THE T MART ? Owen Street
THE THAMES RAILWAY STATION Govt Dept Shortland & Grahamstown
THE THAMES STATIONERY WAREHOUSE Stationery Shortland & Grahamstown
THE THEATRE ROYAL, HOTEL, AND CAFÉ Owen Street See: Theatre Royal
THOMAS H W E Dentists Pollen Street
THOMSON & CO Painter Richmond St
THOMSON Jas Storekeeper Queen St
THOMPSON John & Co Timber Merchants Beach Grahamstown Late Holdship
THORBURN R S Clothing Pollen Street
THORNE C B Umbrellas Pollen Street Agent: Mrs Willetts
THORNTON SMITH & FIRTH Produce Merchant Thames
THORNTONS Produce Merchant Thames See: Valler & Thornton
TOTARA VINEYARDS Vineyards Totara See: Ah CHAN
TOTTENHAM HOUSE Draper Grahamstown See: Reid Draper
TOWNSON William Chemist Pollen Street
TOWNSEND John Butcher Pollen Street
TREMBATH F Bakery Pollen Street Thames Bakery (Mr Campbells)
TURNER & CO Storekeeper Owen Street
TURNERS J Tailor Mary Street
TURTLE Samuel Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
TWENTYMAN R & W Carpenter & Undertaker Pollen Street
TYLER Mr Solicitors Thames See: MacDonald & Miller

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (P to R)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

PALMERS Charles Confectioner Pollen Street
PARKER Stables Shortland
PARKES Thomas Farrier Sealey Street
PATERSON James Plumber Thames
PATTERSON J Grocer Kuranui
PAUL J Saddler Pollen Street
PEACE R Music Store Pollen Street
PECKS BAKERY SHOP Bakery Brown Street
PHILLIPS A Bus Proprietor Willoughby St
PHILLIPS T Transport Thames
PHILLIPPS J E Bakery Pollen Street Crown Bakery
PHILLIPPS W & Son Grocer Pollen Street ? Duplication
PHILLIPPS W & Son Painter Pollen Street see also Phillips & Impey
PHILLIPPS & Son Ironmonger Rolleston Street
PHILLIPS & IMPEY LTD Paint Store Pollen Street
PHILLIPPS & IMPEY LTD Paint Store Pollen Street See: Phillips & Impey
PHOENIX BREWERY Brewery Mackay Street
PLANT W Chemist Mary Street
PLANT W Produce Merchant Mary St See: Royal T Mart
POOL D Pie Shop Brown Street
PORTER & Co Ironmonger Thames
POST & TELEGRAPH OFFICES Postal "Queen Street and Pollen Street"
POTTERTON C W Builder Pollen Street
POWELL & MORPETH Ironmonger Shortland
PRATT John Bricklayer Pollen Street
PRENTICE N Surveyor Brown Street
PRICE A & G Ironfounder Beach Road
PROVINCIAL BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Queen Street See: WADES Boardinghouse
PUBLIC LIBRARY Library Queen Street
PURIRI CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY Produce Merchant Pollen Street
PURNELL & JARVIS Draper Mary Street
PYNE Charles Stuart Butcher Queen Street
QUADRI Bootmaker Pollen Street
QUINLIVAN J Carrier Thames
RABE W H (Mrs) Fruiterer Pollen Street
RAE Matilda Pawnbroker Thames
RAE James Pawnbroker Thames See: Matilda Rae
RAE BROS Painter Thames
RAWDEN Harry Carrier Thames
RAY Frederick James Chemist Pollen Street See also Nicholson Chemist
READ BROS Hardware Merchant "Brown St and Pollen Street"
READ & CO Auctioneer Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St see: Thames Auction Mart
READ & GILLESPIE Abbattoir Parawai
READER L L Seedsman & Florist Pollen Street
REARDON J J Carpenter & Undertaker Golden Crown Street
REES & TYLER Solicitors Grahamstown
REID & CO Timber Merchants Brown Street See: also READ BROS
REID DRAPER Draper Grahamstown Tottenham House
REID W D Grocer & Insurance Agent Pollen Street
RENSHAW James Hardware Merchant Pollen St, Brown Street
RHODES R M Printer Pollen Street
RICHARDS Charles Iron Merchants Grahamstown
RICHARDSONS Stationery Pollen Street
RICHARDSON W H Motor Cycles Pollen Street see; Also Richardsons
RICKETT J & W Livery Stables Brown Street aka Rickit & Co
RICKIT & CO Transport Brown Street See: Rickett
RILEY H H Printer Pollen Street
ROBERTS J & S Grocer Mary Street
ROBINS A & Co Grocer Pollen Street
ROBINSON John Bakery Beach Road Borough Bakery
ROCHE H J Accountant Grahamstown
ROLLESTON STREET CO-OPERATIVE STORES Produce Merchant Rolleston Street See: Bird & Thomson
ROLLERSON & SON Bakery Karaka Karaka Bakery, previously S Odgrass & McGuire
ROSS George Blacksmith Campbell Street
ROYAL T MART Produce Merchant Mary St W Plant
Post & Telegraph Offices, Government Building, Queen Street, Thames

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (M to O)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description
MACDONALD & MILLER Solicitors Brown Street See also: Miller & Sons
MACKIE James Wheelwright Brown Street
MADDEN R Hairdresser Brown Street
MANNING & CO Manufacturer Pollen Street
MARKS & Co Bootmaker Owen Street
MARSHALL J Drapery & Clothing Albert Street
MARTIN Geo Drapery & Clothing Pollen Street Martin & Sons
MARTIN Miss Milliner Pollen Street
MARTIN W & P Drapery & Clothing Pollen Street see: Geo Martin
MAXWELL Peter Carrier Thames
MAXWELL & CO Blacksmith Thames
MAY J K Bootmaker Pollen Street
MCCARRON Grocer Rolleston Street
MCCAUL George Ironmonger Thames Thames Galvanised Iron Works
MCDONALD J Stables Grahamstown
MCDONALD SCOTT R Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
MCDONALD & CORDES Painters Pollen Street
MCDONNELL & MCMILLAN Car Sales Pollen Street
MCGARRIGLE B Grocer Pollen Street
MCGINLEY & CLARK Sharebrokers Pollen Street
MCGOWAN James Grocer Thames
MCGREGOR R R Cycle dealer Thames
MCGREGOR R R Music Store Albert Street
MCILHANEY James Butcher Pollen Street
MCKNIGHT Butcher Pollen street
MCLAREN James Monteith Engineer Thames
MCLEAN Alexander & Co Plumber Pollen Street
MCLIVER Charles Tobacconist Thames
MCLOUGHLIN James Storekeeper Pollen Street See: Direct Supply Store
MCROBERTS & CO Grocers Owen Street
MEARS S & CO Grocer Pollen Street
MEARS STABLES Livery Stables Mackay Street
MELHOSE Louis Rudolh Wilhelm Sharebrokers Albert Street See also: Sharebrokers
MENNIE & DEY Albert Street J M Mennie Ltd
MENZIES & CO Aerated Water Pollen Street see: Grey & Menzies
MILLER & POULGRAIN Solicitors Pollen Street See: Miller & Sons
MILLER & SON Solicitors Albert Street Miller & Poulgrain
MILLINGTONS Drapery & Millinery Thames
MILNES Tailor Pollen Street
MILNES Thomas W Bootmaker Pollen Street See also: William Hawkes
MINCHER Gordon Service Station Pollen Street
MONTAGUE Patrick Hairdresser & Tobacconist Pollen Street
MONTAGUE & CO Fancy Bazaar Brown Street
MORGAN E C Bootmaker Shortland
MORGAN'S FANCY BAZAAR Fancy Bazaar Shortland See also Shortland Bazaar
MORONEY M Bootmaker Pollen Street
MORRIN T & S Ironmonger Owen Street
MOSES Joseph Drapery Thames Thames Cloth Hall
MUIR J Tailor Brown Street See: Muir Bros
MUIR BROS Tailor Pollen Street
MUIR & PEARSE Assayers Willoughby St
MURPHY John Carter Pollen Street
MURPHY BROTHERS Grocer Owen Street
NASH Mrs Bakery Rolleston Street
NEAL Butcher Owen Street
NEWMAN T W Sharebrokers Pollen Street
NEW ZEALAND BOOT WAREHOUSE Bootmaker Thames See: Zealand Boot Warehouse
NEW ZEALAND CLOTHING FACTORY Clothing Factory Albert Street Hallensteins
NICHOLLS John Carrier Pollen Street
NICHOLS STORE General Merchant Shortland
NICHOLSON T A W Chemist Pollen Street Late F J Ray
NODDER J Fancy Bazaar Pollen Street
NORBURY Mrs Grocery & Sharebroker Pollen Street
NORBURY P Tailor Pollen Street
NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE INSURANCE CO Insurance Agent Albert Street Thomas Veale agent
NORTHERN STEAMSHIP COMPANY Transport Burke Street William Ferguson agent
ODGRASS & MCQUIRE Bakery Karaka See: Rollerson & Son
O'HALLORAN G S Auctioneer Grahamstown
O’KEEFE D J Auctioneer Pollen Street
OSBORNE Miss J Bookseller Pollen Street See: Jeffersons
OSBORNE BROTHERS Merchant Albert Street
OWEN & GRAHAM Merchant Albert Street
OYSTER ROOMS Restaurant Brown Street John Howard

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (I to L)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

ILES A Photograher Pollen Street
IMPERIAL BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street See: F D Hain
IMPERIAL INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance Agent Grahamstown W McCullough C/- Evening Star
IRVINE A J & E Draper & Millinery Pollen Street
IZOD Lionel Vet Surgeon Shorts Livery Stables
JACOBSEN T B Architect Brown Street
JEFFERSON'S J H Bookseller Pollen Street See Also: M Ardern
JEFFREY'S J Seeds & Produce Brown Street
JENNINGS Wm Fish Shop Mary Street
JOBE Miss Womens & Childrens Clothing Pollen Street
JOHNSON Charles Nursery Sandes Street
JOHNSON Elizabeth (Mrs) Dressmaker Thames
JOHNSTON BROS Hairdresser & Tobacconist Pollen Street
JOHNSTON H M Assayers Grahamstown
JOHNSTON J GRANT Surveyor Pollen Street
JONASSEN Noah Motor Service Station Pollen Street
JORGENSEN & CO Tailor Pollen Street
JOYCE Mrs Artist Thames
JOYNT C Grocer Pollen Street
JUDD'S IRON FOUNDRY Foundry Queen Street
KALLU R S Plumber Sealey Street
KAURI TIMBER CO LTD Timber Merchants Pollen Street See: The Kauri Timber Co
KEESING ? Pollen Street
KEESING John Fancy Bazaar Brown Street Thames Bazaar
KEEVIN T Sports St Georges Hall See: Skating rink
KENDALL W H Butcher Owen Street see: London Butchery
KENNY BROS Carrier Baillie Street
KERNICK James Accountant Albert Street See also: Vautier & Anderson
KEVEN M & Son Storekeeper Thames
KIERNAN Saddler Brown Street
KIESANOWSKI V Tailor Pollen Street
KILGOUR Richard Sharebrokers Pollen Street
KINGS THEATRE Theatre Pollen Street
KIRK Robt Chemist Pollen Street
KITCHINGS T Drapery & Clothing Pollen Street
KNIGHT W Butcher Pollen Street
KOEFORD'S TOMATO SAUCE FACTORY Tomato Sauce Factory Pollen Street
LABARRE M Watchmaker Thames
LAMB BROS Timber Merchants Corner Pollen & Mary Streets
LAMPERIERES BREWERY Brewery Shortland aka Lemprieres
LANGE H H Tailor Thames see: Jno H Lange
LANGE Jno H Tailor Thames Previously H H Lange
LAST Frederick Dentists Brown Street
LAURIE C G Confectioner Pollen Street See: A A Taylor
LAW A Stationery Mary Street
LAWLESS T Tobacconist Brown Street
LEAHY J W Bootmaker Grahamstown
LEARMOUTH William Bakery Brown Street
LEMPRIERES Brewery Shortland See: Lamperieres Brewery
LESSONG & BUSCKI Surveyor Davy Street
LEWIS B C Y Shoe Store Brown Street
LEWIS J W Confectioner Pollen Street
LEYDON John Auctioneer Thames
LICHFIELD & OSBORNE Restaurant Thames
LITCHFIELD WM & Co Grocer Pollen Street aka Litchfield & Co
LLOYD & O'SULLIVAN Cycle dealer Pollen Street
LONDON BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street See: Stuarts Bakery
LONDON BUTCHERY Butcher Owen Street W H Kendall
LOWE & GOODWIN Butcher Pollen Street Henry Lowe, Butcher
LOWNDES OYSTER SALOON Restaurant Pollen Street
LUDLOW Mrs Grocery Karaka Road See: Star Store
LUSK Robert Coal & Wood Yard Davy Street
LYMBURN & SON Painter Albert Street
LYNCH M Milliner Pollen Street

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Have just got hold of 3 new CD's (from Colonial Books) full of information for Thames and the surrounding area.
I will be collating/printing some of these sections, then indexing and placing at The Treasury, Thames.

New Zealand Nurses Register 1903 - 1920:
an excellent resource that gives, Name, training and service details, plus residence.
Remember there is a major collection of NZ Gazettes at The Treasury, if you want to see the actual book and search other years.

New Zealand Medical Practitioner Register 1873, 1882-1920:
as with the Nurses register a great overview of service and current residence is given.

WWII Ballot Lists:
a great wealth of info on men throughout New Zealand, Thames names appear to under the Paeroa district.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (F to H)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders
Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

FAGAN Miss Music Teachers Mount Pleasant
FAGG W Plumber Pollen Street
FARRAR Chemist Cnr Sealey & Pollen Sts
FERGUSON William Transport Thames See: Northern Steamship Co
FERGUSONS Coal & Wood Yard Davy St & Burke St
FERNANDEZ & CO Wine & Spirits Owen Street
FISH SHOP Fish Shop Brown Street
FISHER BROS Surveyor Tapu Creek
FLEMING Andrew Land Agents Block 27
FLEMING J Hairdresser Brown Street Sold to George Davies
FLEMING & CO Auctioneer Parawai
FLETCHER Grocer Grey Street
FLETCHER Mrs Milk Owen Street
FORD, POTTER & CO Clothing Brown Street
FOSS John Butcher Abraham Street
FOY BROS Photograher Pollen Street
FOY J J (Mrs) Boarding house Cnr Mary & Rollerston St
FRAIDER F T Garage Pollen Street Central Garage
FRASER & TINNE Iron & Brass Foundry Haven Street
FRATER BROS Stock & Sharebroker Albert Street See: also Sharebrokers
FRENCH & CO Grocer Pollen Street
FRYER B C Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
FRYER & CO Storekeeper Waiotahi Flat
FUGATE & MEYERS Bootmaker Owen Street Fugate & Co
GALLOWAY John Provision Merchant Pollen Street
GARRETT J & Son Marine Engineers Pollen Street
GELLION D R Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
GERRIGHTY Hazel (Miss) Music Teachers Pollen Street
GERRIGHTY L (Mrs) Pollen Street See Miss Hazel Gerrighty
GIBBONS J Woodyard Brown Street
GIBBONS Robt P Ltd Timber Merchants Kopu
GILLESPIE Henry Cameron Transport Thames See also: Grahamstown & Tararu Tramway
GILLESPIE & SON Timber Merchants Thames
GILLESPIE BROS Estate Agent Albert Street
GILLESPIE & THOMSON Land Agents Thames
GILLMAN E E Architect Thames
GLEESON W R Bakery Karaka Road
GODKIN Thomas Livery Stables Brown Street
GOLDWATER M & N Clothier Pollen Street
GOODWIN L H Tailor Pollen Street
GOODWIN W & Son Bricklayer Terrace Street
GRAHAM Geo General Labourer Pollen Street
GRANT Oliver D Painter & Paperhanger Pollen Street
GRAY C & Co Coach builder Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St Late Christie & Moulden
GREEN W Hat Maker Grahamstown
GREENE Wm Hat Maker Grahamstown See: W Green
GREENWOOD B & Co Seedsman Pollen Street
GREY & MENZIES LTD Cordial Manufacturer
GRIBBLE J Milliner Owen Street
GRIBBLE & CO Bookseller Thames
GRIBBLE W Grocer Pollen Street Late C Joynt
GRIFFIN P Printer Brown Street
GRIFFITHS Owen Butcher Pollen Street
GRIGG J Bedding & Undertaker Pollen Street
GRIGG J Piano Tuner Queen Street
GUDGEON & CO Sharebrokers Grahamstown
GUNN G S Grocer & Confectioner Sealey Street
HAIN F D Bakery Pollen Street Imperial Bakery
HALL J W Chemist "Pollen Street & Owen Street"
HALL Mrs Bakery Pollen Street
HALLIGANS Bakery Pollen Street
HALLENTEIN BROS & Co Clothing Factory Thames See: NZ Clothing Factory
HAMILTON J Bakery Davy Street
HANHAM Mrs Employment Ag Thames
HANSEN BROS Grocer Pollen Street
HARBOUR BOARD OFFICES Queen Street See also: Grahamstown & Tararu Tramway
HARDING Samuel Engineer Grahamstown
HARDMAN J E & Sons Butcher Cnr Pollen & Willoughby Sts
HARDMAN LTD Mens Outfitters Pollen Street
HARPER Arthur P Solicitors Albert Street
HARRISON Hairdresser Shortland
HART J S Gunsmith Pollen Street
HARVEY Mrs Dressmaker Brown Street
HASZARD K C (Miss) Music Teachers Post Office, Parawai
HAURAKI CLOTHING FACTORY Clothing Manufacturer Pollen Street See Claxton
HAURAKI SAWMILLS Timber Merchants Turua See also: Bagnall
HAURAKI STORES LTD General Merchant Pollen Street
HAWKES James Coal & Wood Yard Grahamstown
HAWKES William Bootmaker Cnr Pollen & Sealey Sts Late T W Milnes
HAY William Matthew Builder Pollen Street
HAYDON Edward Saddler Pollen Street
HAYWARD BROS Cycle dealer Pollen Street
HAZARD W H Gunsmith Brown Street
HEMATITE WORKS Campbell Street See: NZ Paint Manufacturing Co
HENNELLY M Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
HERBERT E T Drapery & Millinery Grahamstown Devonshire House
HETHERINGTONS LTD Draper & Clothier Pollen Street
HEWIN & CO Grocer Owen Street
HEWITT WM & Co Ammunition Owen Street
HILTON Geo P Engineer Grahamstown
HODGE Mrs M Grocery Owen Street
HOGG Alexander & Co Ironmonger Shortland & Waiotahi The Pioneer Store
HOGG James Hairdresser & Tobacconist Pollen Street
HOLDEN A Watchmaker Owen Street
HOLDSHIP & CO Timber Merchants Beach Holdship's Wharf
HOLLIS E W Architect Albert Street
HOPCRAFT James Insurance Agent Williamson St
HOSKING T Bakery Thames
HOSKING Thomas Barber Brown Street
HOSKING W Signwriter Pollen Street
HOUGHTON R C Bakery Queen Street
HOWARD John Restaurant Brown Street See: Oyster Rooms
HOYLE H H Timber Merchants Shortland Shortland Timber Mill
HUDDLESTONE W Artist Willoughby Street
HUDSON John Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
HUGHES F B Storekeeper Tararu
HULL Thomas T Sharebrokers Queen Street
HULME G Butcher Pollen Street Steam Sausage Factory
HUNT'S DRAPERS Drapers Pollen Street Late Cullen
HUTSON & PITKETHLEY Drapers See: Exchange Drapery & Clothing

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (C to E)

Businesses C to E, further information is available to peruse at The Treasury (in the Pre-1930 Thames Business Register Folders)

Business Name, Type of Business, Known Location, extra info
CALEDONIAN HOUSE Draper Pollen Street See: Robert Wood
CARRICK & CO Newspaper Publishers
CARSON W Bookseller & Stationer Pollen Street
CARTER J F Bookseller Brown Street
CASEY Maurice Coal & Wood Yard Beach Road
CASH PALACE Clothier Grahamstown J Warmoll. See: Cosgave & Co
CASSIN Miss Dressmaker Willoughby Street
CATRAN A G Stationery Pollen Street
CAVENDISH HOUSE ? Abraham Street
CENTRAL BILLIARD PARLOUT Billiard Parlour Pollen Street
CENTRAL GARAGE Garage Pollen Street See: F T Fraider
CENTRAL MART Auctioneer Pollen Street T A Dunlop
CENTRAL TEAROOMS Tearooms Pollen Street
CHAPMAN Stationery Pollen Street
CHAPPELL Francis Builder Thames
CHESTER W A Photograher Pollen Street
CHILCOTT C Watchmaker Pollen Street
CHINNECK R Greengrocer Brown Street
CHINNERY - BROWN D A (Mr) Adult Education Thames
CHRISTIANSEN C Piano Tuner Davy Street
CHRISTIE & MOULDEN Coach builder Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St
CHRONOMETER HOUSE Watchmaker Pollen Street See: M J Wilkes
CLARK George Jeweller Pollen Street
CLARK J Produce Merchant Karaka Bridge
CLARK & DEAN Sharebrokers Grahamstown
CLARKE James Grocer Collins Street
CLAXTON Tailor & Clothing Factory "Albert Street, Pollen Street" Later Allan Adams Ltd also Hauraki Clothing Factory
CLENDON & VOLLEMAERE Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
CLOONANS Draper Thames Late Cosgrave & Son
COAD A Bootmaker Pollen Street
COAD W Bookseller & Stationer Cnr Pollen & Sealey Sts Mrs Coad's
COAKLEY & CO Grocer Pollen Street
COBB & CO Transport See: Thomas Bradley
COCKS J Furniture Mary Street
COLE Mrs Restaurant Brown Street
COLLINS J Confectioner Pollen Street
COLLINS & EADDY Coach builder Cochrane Street See: Eaddy
CONENS MONSTER CLOTHING HALL Clothing Cnr Owen & Williamson St
CONROY M Painter Pollen Street
COOKE A E Tobacconist & Hairdresser Pollen Street Late Levi Moore's
COOKE H B Sewing Machines Pollen Street
COOLAHAN C (Mrs) Bakery Cnr Pollen & Richmond St Later: Snodgrass & Maguire
COOMBES Jas Carpenter & Undertaker Mackay Street
COOMBES Samuel Clothing Albert Street
CORBETT & WINDER Transport Thames
CORSTON Mrs Dressmaker Brown Street
COSGRAVE & CO Draper Brown St, Owen St & Albert St Cash Palace
COULAHAN Hughie Bakery Pollen Street See also: Mrs C Coolahan
COURT A & Son Ltd Clothing & Draper Cnr Pollen & Mary Sts
COX Charles Chemist Pollen Street Shortland Pharmacy
CRAIG J Auctioneer Albert Street
CREAMER & BULLOT Grocer See: Bullot & Creamer
CROCKER C Bootmaker Brown Street
CROCKER J Boot & Shoe Importer Pollen Street
CROFSKEY Francis Grocer Thames Next to Trembaths
CULLEN Geo & Co Draper Corner Pollen & Cochrane Sts
CULPITT William & John C Saddler Pollen Street
CURRIE A Boot Repairer Pollen Street
CURTIS WHARF Wharf Albert Street
DABB W A Harness maker Pollen Street
DALTON D H Tobacconist & Hairdresser Pollen Street
DALTON R A Carpenter Pollen Street
DALZIEL George Butcher Mary Street
DANBY'S SHOE STORE Shoe Store Pollen Street
DANN F & Co Cabinetmaker Pollen Street
DAUNTON Builder Thames
DAVIES BROS Butcher Rolleston Street See: William Davies jun, also: J H Walsh
DAVIES George Hairdresser Brown Street See: J Fleming
DAVIES J W Fruiterer Thames
DAVIES William junr Butcher Rolleston Street See: J H Walsh
DAVIES Wm Grocer Brown Street See: W Davis
DAVIS W Grocer Brown Street
DAVY & MCFARLAND Surveyor Brown Street
DAY Victor Grace Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
DAYKIN Bridget (Mrs Francis) Sharebrokers Thames
DEEBLE'S W Seedsman & Grocer Rolleston Street
DEEBLE William & Son Butcher Owen Street & Rolleston St
DE HIRSCH James Commission Agent Pollen Street
DENBY George Chemist Pollen Street
DEVONSHIRE HOUSE Drapery & Millinery Grahamstown See: E T Herbert
DEXTER & CROZIER Cycle dealer Pollen Street See: Lloyd & O'Sullivan
DICKEY S & J Stables Beach Road
DICKEY, VERRAN & CO Wood & Coalyards Beach Road See also: Verran Bros
DIGGERS RESTAURANT Restaurant Opposite Wharf Grahamstown Mrs Elizabeth Brown
DIRECT IMPORTING CO Drapers Pollen Street W Gribble, Draper
DODD A E L Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
DODD J E Solicitors Grey Street See: A E L Dodd
DODD Mrs Music Teachers Queen Street
DONKIN S W Garage Cnr Walter & Pollen Streets
DONOVAN A J Builder Thames
DONOVAN Thomas Builder Thames
DONOVAN & HOWARD Dentists Pollen Street
DORNWELL A & Co Butcher Brown Street
DOUGHS Bakery Shortland
DOUGLAS & CO Grocer Pollen Street
DOWD D H Dentists Pollen Street
DOWDENS AUCTION MART Auctioneer Albert Street
DRIVER H D Artist Pollen Street
DRIVER S S Builder Thames
DRIVER & SON Painter Pollen Street
DUNBAR Tom Barber Brown Street
DUNLOP T A Auctioneer Pollen Street see: Central Mart
DUNNAGEs VARIETY DEPOT Bookseller Pollen Street
DURHAM & MCLEOD Draper Grahamstown
EADDY Harold Coach builder Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St ? COLLINS & EADDY
EASTER E J Bootmaker Pollen Street
EHRENFRIED BROS Brewery Mackay Street SEE: Phoenix Brewery
ELEMENT George Writer & Ornamental Painter Davy Street
ELLIS Mr & Mrs Dancing Teachers Miners Union Hall
ELLIS CJ & RH Storekeeper Tararu
EMPIRE BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Owen Street Mrs Kates
ENSOR'S DINING ROOMS Restaurant Pollen Street
ENSOR & SONS Grocer Mary St See: also J H Ensor
ENSOR J H Grocer Mary St ?Ensor's & sons
EVENING STAR NEWSPAPER OFFICE "Willoughby St Albert Street Sealey St" Later Thames Star
EVANS Wm Painter Owen St
EVERITT W Pollen Street

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (A to B)

Well the tip of the iceburg, I'll start to list some of the businesses that have surfaced so far.
For the majority I have found an advertisement and even a photo, plus referenced sources for further information.

Further information is available to peruse at The Treasury - Pre-1930 Thames Business Register Folders

Business Name, Type of Business, Known Location, extra information
ACADEMY OF MUSIC Theatre Brown Street
ADAMS E F Engineer Queen Street
ADAMS & HARDING Mining Agent Queen Street
ADLAM W J Butcher Pollen Street
ADVERTISER NEWSPAPER Newspaper Albert Street
AH CHAN Vineyards Totara Totara Vineyards (SYC)
AH NON Market Gardens Parawai
AIREY M M Clothier & Grocer Pollen Street
AKEROYD Spedding Butcher Brown Street, Grahamstown
ALGREN J F Jeweller Brown Street
ALLAWAYS Boarding house See: ALLOWAYS
ALLOWAYS Boarding house
AMERICAN THEATRE Theatre Shortland aka: Butt's American Theatre
ANTONELLI Frederick Music Teachers Thames
ARBURY J W Draper & Clothier Pollen Street
ARBURY & BERRY Butcher Cnr Richmond & Pollen Streets
ARDERN Undertaker
ARDERN Mrs Bookseller Pollen Street Late: Mrs Jefferson's
AVENELL W Butcher Pollen Street
AVERY Grocer Shortland
BAGGOTT James Sharebrokers Davey Street
BAGNALL L & J Coal & Wood Yard Davey Street See also: Hauraki Sawmills
BAIRD A S & Co Produce Merchant Albert Street
BAKER W B Carrier Pollen Street
BANE BROS Cabinetmaker Corner Mary & Pollen Streets
BANK OF AUSTRALIA Bank Albert Street see: Union Bank of Australia
BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES Bank Albert Street, Pollen Street
BANK OF NEW ZEALAND Bank "Corner Brown & Albert Streets, Pollen Street
BANKS W Bakery Queen Street
BANKS & CO Stock Agent Parawai Thames Cattle Market
BARLOW'S RIFLE GALLERY Rifle Range Brown Street
BARLOW W J Painter Brown Street See: Barlow's Rifle Range
BARNETTs DINING ROOM Restaurant Pollen Street
BARNETT & LEVY Grocer Owen Street
BASSTIAN Charles Chiropodist Royal Hotel
BATEMAN Robt Butcher Rolleston Street
BATES J Clothing Pollen Street "The Elite Dress House"
BATES William Timber Merchants Shortland & Tookeys Flat
BATTSON Plumber Pollen Street
BAXTER Agnes Thames see: Baxter & Mathieson
BAXTER & MATHESON Storekeeper Golden Crown Street
BAYLDON Capt T C Harbourmaster Thames see; Harbour Board Thames
BEETHAM, WALKER & CO Surveyor Pollen Street
BEERE D M Engineer Shortland
BEERE E Holroyd Surveyor Shortland
BENDIGO STORE General Store Pollen Street
BENFIELD Mrs General Store Pollen Street
BINNEY E Auctioneer Albert Street
BINNEY Edwin Insurance Agent Grahamstown
BIRD & THOMSON Produce Merchant Rolleston Street Rolleston Street Co-operative Stores
BLOTT G Butcher Owen Street
BOBBETT William Butcher Rolleston Street
BONGARDS Chemist Pollen Street Shops North & South Pollen Street
BOON E G Draper & Clothier Cnr Pollen & Mary Sts
BOOTH T B Picture Framer Pollen Street
BOROUGH BAKERY Bakery Beach Road See: John Robinson
BOROUGH COUNCIL OFFICES Corner Albert & Queen Streets Pollen Street, Mackay Street Now part of Thames Coromandel District Council
BRADLEY Thomas & Co Livery Stables Thames Cobb & Co
BREARLEY M Butcher Brown Street
BREWER, MARTIN & BEERE WD, WE & EH Land Agents Shortland
BRIDGER T Clothier Albert Street
BRIERLY H Wheelwright Kuranui
BRITON & CO Timber Merchants Burke Street
BROAD & HAUGHTON Land Agents Pollen Street
BROKENSHIRE A J Bookseller & Stationer Pollen Street
BROKENSHIRE W & Son Hairdresser & Tobacconist Pollen Street
BROKENSHIRE & ROSS Plumber Pollen Street, Richmond St
BROWN C & ?Son ? Pollen Street
BROWN Elizabeth Restaurant Opposite Wharf Grahamstown See: Diggers Restaurant
BROWN & CO Isaac Cycle dealer Pollen Street
BROWN R Fruiterer Brown Street
BROWN T Horse Breaker Pollen Street
BROWNE M & CO Michael Grain & Produce Merchants Albert Street
BROWNING John Bakery Brown Street
BRUCE A Watchmaker Albert Street
BRUCE Albert Estate Agent Cnr Albert & Brown St
BRYAN A G T Solicitors Pollen Street See: Solicitors & Barristers
BRYAN & MACKLOW Solicitors Pollen Street See: Solicitors & Barristers
BUCHAN James Blacksmith Pollen & Queen Streets Late: G S Worthington
BUCHANAN & PURNELL Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
BUCKLAND Eliza Elizabeth Storekeeper Cnr Beach Rd & Burke Street
BUCKLEY Alfred & Joseph Builder Thames
BUCKLEY Roland Saddler & Bootmaker Brown Street
BUICK & CO Watchmaker Pollen Street
BULL & STURROCK Iron Merchants Albert Street
BULLOTT & CREAMER Grocer Pollen St aka Creamer & Bullot
BUNTING Chas Electrician Pollen Street
BURNS Archd Grocer Albert Street
BURRA Robert Bookseller Brown Street
BURT Harry Waterman Shortland
BUTEMENT BROS Aerated Water Pollen Street
BUTT John Agent Wharf See: Auckland & Thames Steam Navigation Co
BUTT'S AMERICAN THEATRE Theatre Shortland see: American Theatre
BUTTLE G A Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers

If your ancestors were connected to any of these businesses and you have any photos/information to share, please let me know.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thames Historian - TOSS HAMMOND

A new article on the The Treasury JOURNAL is about Mr W G Hammond MBE (1869-1967), known as Toss Hammond.  A wellknown and respected historian of his time who had a wealth of information on history of the whole Coromandel Peninsula as well as a prolific collector of artefacts.

The journal has a copy of an article that Toss wrote on his life as a boy on the goldfields, which was printed in a School Journal in 1966.

The Treasury also has a collection of Mr Hammond's manuscripts as well as several Oral recordings on CD. These can be listened to at The Treasury and maybe purchased if required.

Other manuscripts by Mr Hammond are to be found at the Auckland Museum, information on these can be found via their catalogue. Search as: Thomas William George Howard HAMMOND for best results.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1946 WISES NZ Post Office Directory for THAMES

Well having saved the pennies I got this CD from Colonial Books, not expecting tooooo much, so as not to be disappointed, but what a gem. 2 CDs and loads of names.

Often with the Wises Directories you dont always get full listings for families not in business and can be disappointed when the streets are lumped together with all householders alphabetically and not by street intersect.

For THAMES it is perfect and streets are generally laid out in order so you can work out where your family was  living.

My Grandfather F E CORNES is in Pollen Street (Right side from Burke Street, between the Walter Street and Mary Street intersects) about where the Vets office is now.

My other Grandfather C BARKER is in Sealey Street (Left side from the sea, just before the Sandes Street intersect). This I knew, it is the old house on the Eastern corner of Sealey and Edward Street - but still great to see in print!

Definetly worth a look and may help solve some electoral roll problems all round New Zealand.

I have many earlier directories available for perusal at my website.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Searching the THAMES STAR at Papers Past

searching just got even easier with the addition of the facility to SHOW PREVIEW IMAGES

Go to Advanced search page and put a tick beside the box SHOW PREVIEW IMAGES

Now you get to see a snippet of each entry.

Remember to select THAMES STAR in the newspaper list if you just want entries from the Thames paper.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

WWI Ballot names for Thames district

Well more wealth of information at Papers Past.
The Thames Star and Ohinemuri Gazette have published lists of names for reservists and others who enlisted.

Lists of Reservists were drawn up by ballot under the Military Service Act of 1916.
I found that good search words were BALLOT and HAURAKI also "CALLED TO THE COLOURS"

There are over 15 Ballots that I have found, so unless someone wants all of them I'll post a couple
Ballot one published 25 Nov 1916, 15th Ballot published 25 april 1918
Others 24 July 1918 with lots of names

You can also see reports of the court cases where people asked to be left off the lists for family or occupation reasons.

Good hunting

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thames Shops & Businesses

Finally getting round to doing a register of early shops and businesses of Thames..or should I say Shortland and Grahamstown.

Over the weeks I'll post some of the names, remembering many are still operational today. Such as A & G Price (Foundry), Read Bros (Hardware) and Battsons (Plumbers).

One of our most treasured shops was PALMERS SWEET SHOP, you can read more about the shop via a recent Journal article.

Other shops that also are featured in the Treasury Journal by other writers are:

Monday, September 13, 2010

The People of Marutuaha

A wonderful artice available online at the New Zealand Herald Newspaper

The people of the Marutuahu confederation treasure their centuries-old relationship with Tamaki Makaurau though their rohe (tribal area) is much larger. The closely related and autonomous Marutuahu iwi, comprising Ngati Paoa, Ngati Maru, Ngati Whanaunga and Ngati Tamatera, express their rohe in the pepeha (tribal saying) "mai Matakana ki Matakana" - from Matakana Island (near Tauranga in the south) to Matakana (near Leigh in the north).

Including photo of the Hotunui meeting house, that proudly sits in the Auckland Museum

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Treasury JOURNAL

A wide range of articles are available to read online via The Treasury website.
The Journal section has articles for years 2008-2010.

The journal is co-ordinated by Kae Lewis and members and non-members of The Coromandel Heritage Trust are welcome to submit articles.  So if you have a story/article please email the editor

Some topics include: Streets of Thames, Hotels of Thames, The Giant Kauri Tree, Shortland and Tararu Cemeteries. Lots on mining , shops and the old residents of The Thames

Ohinemuri Journal

An excellent source for articles on Thames as well as the Ohinemuri area.

The journal is online and searchable. Search results are not easily narrowed, but well worth a glance at all the results.

The Ohinemuri Regional History Journal (ORHJ) was first published in 1964 by the Historical Section Waihi Arts Centre and Museum Association (Inc.) and Paeroa & District Historical Society District History Museum

Thames Advertiser & Evening Star/Thames Star

Important to remind folk who are using Papers Past and searching the Evening Star/Thames Star for their families and events.

Don't forget the Thames Advertiser, that is available on microfilm at The Treasury and several other large libraries.  It appears families were either 'users/readers' of one paper or the other. So if a notice is not in one paper it could well be in the other.

There are index cards for a wide range of newspaper articles from the Thames Advertiser 1874-1876 that we are currently putting onto computer.  I've just done the goldmine section and it is amazing amount of information. (Filed in the MINING folder at The Treasury, Thames).

The HILLS INDEX Vol 2 does has BMD notices from the Thames advertiser included in the index. So you can get your reference then look it up on the microfilm.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thames & area SCHOOL RECORDS

Often overlooked is the value of school records.
Sure they give you details on the child, but the extra info is invaluable for building a picture of our ancestors,
Plus you can often get birthdate (although it can vary)

The Hauraki indexing group indexed many of the schools and the info is available on the NZSG Index Cd's
Thames Library has photocopies of these registers in the closed archive section, behind the front desk
The Treasury has some copies, more to come

Archives Auckland do have alot of school records that can be viewed. Search at Archway.
One exception - Sadly no early Catholic School records pre 1900 are available at archives or at catholic archives

School Reunion books are also excellent for learning more about the school plus Newspapers for reports on school reunions. For instance in the 1950s several schools (Tararu or Shellbank, Waiokaraka and Thames High) had reunions and reports in the papers listed names of those attending and several old entrants names.
These are filed in the SCHOOLS FOLDER at The Treasury, Thames.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maori Place names & Thames Streets


Reference: Te Takoto O Te Whenua O Hauraki Hauraki Landmarks by Taimoana Turoa

At my Thames pages you can learn alot about Thames Streets
Including a list of street names and their origins where known.

Photos old and new of the streets are here

Whakapapa - maori families Thames Hauraki area

At present alot of the past great Whakapapa sites seem to be offline, but here are a few:
NZSG Maori Special Interest Group
 and their resource Links page but several links no longer work

Waikato Uni have a names database collected by Rev. Henry James Fletcher (1868-1933).

Maori marriages at
Maori land information sites:
Te Puni Kōkiri (Ministry of Maori Development)

MAORI LAND ONLINE - surname searches

MAORI BMD registrations: remember these are available on separate fiche to the general BMD fiche. Many NZSG branches & libraries have a copy of these.

HAURAKI MAORI TRUST BOARD: wonderful online site including digital oral histories that can be viewed/listened to online

NGATI MARU: site with contacts

Wonderful Books with whakapapa:
Te Takoto O Te Whenua O Hauraki - Hauraki Landmarks by Taimoana Turoa, Edited by Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal. This book includes alot of information on places as well as people.

Waihou Journeys, The archaeology of 400 years of Maori Settlement by caroline Phillips.  An excellent read to give background on the area and major settlements.

Maori Peoples of New Zealand. Te Ara The encyclopedia of new Zealand. A wonderful quick reference book for all tribal groups and contains alot of early whakapapa.

Nga Taonga O Te Kauaeranga - Maori Heritage of Thames by John McEnteer & Taimoana Turoa 1993. This a comprehensive review of maori heritage sites around Thames.

Hauraki Contested 1769-1875 by Paul Monin. Excellent resource covering the history of the area.

All the above books are available at The Treasury and the Thames Library.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AJHR's online (Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives)

Great news for researchers, Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives are online
"AtoJs Online contains a collection of digitised volumes of the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives. The collection currently covers the years 1862 to 1879. There are some volumes from this period that have yet to be added to the collection."

Just entering THAMES brings up amazing articles related to the area.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thames Star Newspaper Index 1946-1955

Have just completed index for this paper of BMD Notices, plus Engagements, Obituaries, major Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries.

4000 names and this did not include associated names mentioned.  Amazing how at a wedding or 21st the reporter would note down everyone that attended, songs, MC, whay people wore, etc...

What is most interesting is the value placed on history and there were many excellent historical articles - I have placed a copy of these in the PLACES or PEOPLES Folders at The Treasury.

A copy of the index is available at The Treasury along with a scrapbook of the relevent clippings.
A Copy of the index is also available at the Thames Library, where the appropriate issue of the Thames Star paper can be viewed.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thames Goldfields - Jubilee Celebrations 1917

In 1917 the Jubilee, 50th year since the opening of the Thames Goldfields was celebrated.

A supplement called the "Trumpets Blast" was published, which included photographs.

Thames Star 1 August 1917 has several articles plus the supplements pages are 1, 2, 3 and 4 (The Trumpets Blast)

Remember if you want to save or print copies the option at top of page "Download a printable pdf" - you can do this for individual pages or the whole edition.

Thames Goldfields - 46th Anniversary 1913

In 1913 celebrations took place for the 46th anniversary of the opening of the goldfields.

The Thames Star has a full account including 100s of names of early residents.
The edition is: Thames Star 1 August 1913 page 4 and page 5

Well worth a look.

Thames Oral History Project

How often have you heard genealogists say, 'if only I had listened more carerfully to the stories that my family used to tell me.'

Projects such as recording oral histories allow these memories to be saved. 
Thames has an oral history project, run by a sub-committee of "The Coromandel Heritage Trust"
Further information is available via The Treasury website

The recordings can be listened to at The Treasury Thames, along with transcripts and abstracts of the recordings.  These can also be purchased.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thames Newspapers

Wonderful news with the Thames Star now online from 1874 to 1920.
remember also to check papers for surrounding areas such as the Ohinemuri Gazette

Even though the papers are online it is still great to view the microfilms and browse the papers. Remember that the Thames Advertiser is not online, this is available to view at The Treasury, Thames.

Newspaper indexes for the Thames Papers are available at The Treasury and the Thames Library.
Much more to come on those later.

More information at my webpage.

Where to start?

This is the start of my blog which aims to explore and discuss the genealogy resources for Thames, New Zealand.  At the same time covering aspects of Thames history in order to give you an idea of what life was like for our families who settled the Thames area.

We can easily set about collecting names as we construct our family trees, but how rich they become when we take the next step and build up a picture of what our ancestors lives were really like.  Where did they live? Where did they shop? What did the town look like? Plus many more things along the way.

I will be showing you what information I have on my Thames Genealogy Resources website, while also exploring what information is available at other sites and places.