Saturday, March 6, 2021

Thames (NZ): Big Pump area views

     Still thinking about the previous post and changes that took place on the land north of Coromandel Street.  Here a a selection of views that give us a timeline from the photograph that was found at Webb's auction site.

Grahamstown - Big Pump centre left.

1902 View

1902 View towards Big Pump
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19020227-10-1

1905 View 

1905 View towards Big Pump
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19050119-2-2

During the 1890s, 1900s the land was cleared of  old buildings - hotels, residences and mining related.
Lets take a look back to the 1870s and remember the 'glory days'. 

1870s Moanataiari - Kuranui, Grahamstown
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19170802-35-1

Below the Moanataiari area 2020

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Thames (NZ): View to Grahamstown revisited

 Looking for 'new' old photographs of Thames?

Have you checked the auction catalogues?

This week we got a tip off that there was an old Thames photo for sale in a Webb's upcoming auction. (photo below)

You will have seen this view before,  the photograph captures early mining activity along the Kuranui - Moanataiari - Grahamstown foreshore.


In the first few years after the goldfields opened 1 August 1867, residences were built to accommodate the influx of miners and their families. 

What amazes me most about the two photos above is the reality that when the population left and the golden dreams subsides, houses literally disappeared.


Did you spot the little house in the foreground? I wonder who the occupants were, and what they thought of the changing landscape.

Keep looking at the auction sites and we may discover more photographs of early Thames.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Thames (NZ): New Website to help with Thames searches

 I keep apologising for not getting cracking on posts, I promise I will soon get back into the swing of things! In the meantime...


Go and visit Diane Wilson's new website!

I was lucky enough to be on Diane's teams many years ago. With great efficiency, Diane organised groups of people throughout New Zealand to index records. Electoral Rolls, Marriages, Burials, the list went on and on. Now thanks to Diane's generosity the enormous database is available online for free.

Scroll down the home page until you reach the search area, enter surnames and see what information is available.


I searched for my mother's Marriage - and the results give spouse and year (1949).


Search Diane's Wilson Collection and see if you can find some helpful hints.

Best of all - FOR FREE!!!