Sunday, February 23, 2020

Thames (NZ): Owen & Burke Street View 1890s

An area that has been photographed many times is the northern end of town around the Owen & Burke Street area - essentially where the A & G Price Foundry is located today.

A previous blog post looked at the changes in the area. From streets lined with two storied buildings (mostly hotels), to poppet heads and aqueducts - over one hundred plus years the land use changed as the mining endeavors died at the Thames.

There is another photo of interest at the Auckland Council Libraries 'Kura' site. We used it previously to look at the poplar trees that once lined the streets.
Moanataiari Area: A Lantern slide taken by Photographer Josiah Martin c1890s

Lets take a second look to highlight other points of interest and old landmarks.

A closer look - down Owen Street to Brown Street.
  • The Two chimneys (lower right) are in the area of old Golden Crown Street (now called Owen Street), situated where several large hotels were located including the Moanataiari Hotel - now part of the Foundry yards.
  • The aqueduct runs from the Waiotahi and is parallel to Burke Street.
  • Centre left is the large Governor Bowen Hotel that had an entrance on Pollen and Owen Streets.
  • There are still pockets of the poplar trees that we have looked at in previous post.
  • The A & G Price Foundry building is far right, facing Beach Road.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thames (NZ): Looking for photos of Thames?

In the past, I have always recommended that people look first at Auckland Libraries, Sir George Grey Collection. While the hundreds of photos of Thames remain at that site, I have been wondering why no new ones have been uploaded over the last month.

The answer is that the Kura site is now where you will find new photo uploads.
There are interesting new views of Thames, although not accurately labelled. Remember, staff appreciate comments and corrections.

Photos of Thames 1960s
Houses and farmland on Thames coast, c1962
Jack Gyde Collection at Kura, Auckland Council Libraries Record ID 931-083
A great view over Totara subdivision during the the 1960s - yes and not Thames Coast as the main caption states on the Kura website. The picture description does give the correct description.

Another view in this series looks north-east towards Parawai.
Houses and farmland, c1962
Jack Gyde Collection at Kura, Auckland Council Libraries Record ID 931-082
Now, the above photo is a hidden gem, as it shows clearly the beginnings of all the subdivisions and roads at Parawai, from Herewaka Street to the Booms subdivision. Look at the close-up view below, (or go to the website and zoom in) and spot all the earthworks in process. While the age is given as c1962, Parawai School is already established, so the photo was taken from 1967 onwards.

View towards Parawai, and developing subdivisions late 1960s.
In the photograph below, there are still more 'treasures'. The Herewaka Street subdivision is underway; while there is yet another flood - the Parawai Flat around the Kauaeranga River are underwater late 1960s.
Muddy Road and floods, Thames, c1962.
Jack Gyde Collection at Kura, Auckland Council Libraries Record ID 931-084
Guess Where this is?
We will finish with this beauty! The area is almost unrecognisable today? Have you realised where it is?

The District Homes at Tararu 1960s.
The Thames Hospital Board Farm takes up most of the photo, with the District Home lower left.
A closer look below of the District Home.

Here is the full view of Tararu in the 1960s - looking over Victoria Street.

Coastal Housing at Tararu near Thames.
Jack Gyde Collection at Kura, Auckland Council Libraries Record ID 931-114