Published Booklets:
Unless otherwise stated booklets available at Thames School of Mines & Trade Me, & The Treasury. Any queries contact Althea
  • 1930s THAMES: The Goldfield town revisited ***NEW***
A4 booklet, black and white print, 68 pages, ISBN 978-0-473-41067-4 - published Nov 2017.
An overview of the town during the 1930s. Contents include: Businesses, Churches, Depression, Directories (street and telephone), Floods, Hospitals, Hotels, Lost Pioneers, Mining National and world news, occupations, parades, schools, shipping, sports, Trains and transport, and special visits. Plus a section on 'Than and Now' photographs around the town.
  • BUILDING THAMES Landmarks on the Thames Goldfield 
A small A5 booklet full of colour photos, 36 pages. The booklet was prepared with the assistance of the Thames Historical Museum to showcase the replica buildings constructed of Mr T Egan. This is part of the journey with the ‘Heritage Rescue’ Choice TV programme, where a new gallery was constructed at the museum. There is background on 28 buildings. Published September 2016. Available at Thames Museum only.
  • HOTELS OF THAMES The A to Z of Hotels on the Thames Goldfield.
A4, 104 pages soft cover. Hotel names, publicans and snippets, plus photographs where available. ISBN 978-0-473-39636-7 *****NEW JUNE 2017****
++++Correction: Pacific Hotel Fire was 3rd November 1916 page 49+++++
Old Thames Landmarks. A5-sized booklet, 34 pages with photos. ISBN: 978-0-9922507-3-7  REVISED EDITION September 2015.
*****Correction needed to first copies.  Page 21 line 5 should read "corner of Grey and Pollen Streets." (found 30/10/2015) **CORRECTIONS 9/11/2015. Formatting changes to index - borders removed. Brackets removed from dates under photos.
*****Update April 1870 the BNZ moved into new building corner Brown & Albert St.
  • LOST LANDMARKS II on the Thames Goldfield  

A5 soft-covered 40 page booklet. ISBN 978-0-473-38310-7Covers a new set of lost landmarks, with some duplications from the Building Thames booklet that was published for The Thames Museum.
******Index Corrections: (24/6/2017) Bank of New South Wales page 1; Hargreaves, Stapleton & Rolfe Page 3 (NOT 2); Poulgrain Page 3 (NOT 2); Wilson A H Page 3 (NOT 2);.

  • NURSES OF THAMES: A History of Registered Nurse Training at the Thames Hospital.
Version1: A4 soft-covered book, 116 pages, with many photos, newspaper clippings, fully indexed.
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9922507-7-5
VERSION 4 120 pages ISBN 978-0-475-35321-6 MORE PAGES and information, spiral bound. AVAILABLE NOW
Snippets from the Oral History Collection at The Treasury.  A5-sized booklets of 26 pages and 34 pages. Book 1 ISBN: 978-0-9922507-0-6 and Book 2 ISBN:978-0-9922507-1-3 Available at The Treasury, Thames
A5-sized booklet, 42 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9922507-4-4  UPDATED/Altered Booklet published December 2015.
  • STREETS OF THAMES: The A to Z of Streets past and present
68 Page soft cover, A4 booklet with photos throughout and colour as per available image. Published Feb 2016.  Covers an A to Z of Thames Streets from the goldfield opening August 1867 to present day for Thames. Includes history, maps and resource suggestions for researching Thamesites who lived at Thames
***Corrections 11/7/2016**
Page 55 Once there, was  ADD comma after there. Then further down page delete 2nd RECENT
****UPDATES 29/5/2016****
·         ALFRED STREET (Grahamstown). Around 1938 Council changed this street (Cochrane to Pahau Street) to be part of Mackay Street.  (Thames Star, 3 February 1938)
·         BEACH ROAD. Around 1938 Council changed a portion of Beach Road (Cochrane to Mary Street) to be part of Brown Street.  (Thames Star, 3 February 1938)
·         BOWEN PLACE. Named after ‘old’ Bowen Street. The first Bowen Street was incorporated into Rolleston Street, so the ‘unused name’ was transferred to a new street at Parawai in 1967.  (Thames Star, 4 April 1967
·         DANBY STREET. In June 1976, the Thames-Coromandel District Council named the unnamed street adjacent to the old Shortland Cemetery as Danby Street (Vernon Street to Hauraki Terrace). In honour of the late Mr Stan Danby, past Thames Borough Council Member and Deputy-Mayor. A WWI veteran, Mr Danby was acknowledged nationally for his gardening knowledge and related awards. The street had previously unofficially known as Cemetery Road. (Thames Star, 24 June 1976)
·         EDWARD STREET. In 1938 it was proposed to use this name in finality; and discontinue the use of ‘Tommy’s Lane’. (Thames Star, 3 February 1938)
·         GRAHAM STREET (Thames). Around 1938, Graham Street (Tararu) was incorporated into Tararu Road. The name Graham Street was assigned to the short unnamed street between The Terrace and Hill Street. (Thames Star, 3 February 1938)
·         MARGARET PLACE. Confirmation that the street was named after past Mayoress Mrs S (Margaret) Ensor in 1967. (Thames Star, 4 April 1967)
·         TARARU ROAD. Around 1938, Tararu Road incorporated Graham Street (Tararu); extending from Tararu Creek to Burke Street. (Thames Star, 3 February 1938}
·         THE TERRACE. Confirmation in 1938 that the street should be called ‘The Terrace’ and NOT ‘Terrace Street’. (Thames Star, 3 February 1938)
·         WAIOTAHI ROAD. In 1958 it was discovered that the road had never been formally legalised as a street or road; although having been used for that purpose for decades. (Thames Star, 29 April 1958)

A5 size, 37 pages, with photos. ISBN: 978 0 9922508 4 3  REVISED EDITION September 2015.
*****CORRECTIONS: Page 32. First line Thames High School opened on the 5th April 1880, not 1980
Page 34. Thomas Rowley, an ex-Thamesite recalled the event not even.
NOTE: Matatoke is the early spelling for present day Matatoki.
  • THAMES GOLDFIELD SCHOOLS: The A to Z of Schools 1867-2017 
A4 88 Pages soft cover. Overview of all known schools on the Goldfield.
ISBN: 978-0-473-38064-9.
A4 soft-covered 44 page book. A bit of the history, dates and background to memorials ranging from the opening of buildings to our World War Soldiers. Schools, churches, hospital and library are just some of the buildings covered. Plus the more unusual such as seats, heritage signs, gates and sculptures. We often pass these things each day and never stop to think who was responsible for the building or event being remembered. Now is your chance to learn more.
  • THEN & NOW: 150 Years at the Thames
A5 size, 40 pages, ALL photos. Published June 2017, covering then and now photographs of Grahamstown, Shortland Town and The Thames. A simple setup of mostly three photos a page that compare how the town has changed from 1867 to 2017. ISBN 978-0-473-40093-4
  • WAIOTAHI CREEK SCHOOL: The forgotten valley school 1873 - 1912
A4 size, 60 pages, with photos. Published October 2015, Covering the history of the Waiotahi Creek School, Thames. Topics include: Major events, prize-givings, families, pupils in WWI, register of pupils and much more. Available at The Thames School of Mines.
*****Correction needed to first copies. Page 22 line 2 should read "20 December 1900" (found 30/10/2015)

A4 size, 74 pages, with photos. Commemorating the opening of the forest at Rhodes Park.
Copy available for viewing at The Treasury, Thames and Thames Library. Printed October 2015.

ISBN: 978-0-473-34319-4



Published Journal  & General Articles online:

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Correction 27/5/2016. DANBY STREET was named after Mr Stan Danby NOT Mr Howard Danby as stated in the book. More information at:

The Giant Kauri Tree, in Treasury Journal Vol 3 2010

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True Tales of Thames, The Treasury 2017. Article entitled: Thames Artist - Douglas Owen Barker.
True Tales of Thames Hospital 1868-2018, Articles and Co-Editor/Compiler. NEW NOV 2018
The Growth of New Zealand Towns, Hugh Dickey, 2017. Article contributed on The Thames.

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