Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thames Advertiser & Evening Star/Thames Star

Important to remind folk who are using Papers Past and searching the Evening Star/Thames Star for their families and events.

Don't forget the Thames Advertiser, that is available on microfilm at The Treasury and several other large libraries.  It appears families were either 'users/readers' of one paper or the other. So if a notice is not in one paper it could well be in the other.

There are index cards for a wide range of newspaper articles from the Thames Advertiser 1874-1876 that we are currently putting onto computer.  I've just done the goldmine section and it is amazing amount of information. (Filed in the MINING folder at The Treasury, Thames).

The HILLS INDEX Vol 2 does has BMD notices from the Thames advertiser included in the index. So you can get your reference then look it up on the microfilm.