Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (C to E)

Businesses C to E, further information is available to peruse at The Treasury (in the Pre-1930 Thames Business Register Folders)

Business Name, Type of Business, Known Location, extra info
CALEDONIAN HOUSE Draper Pollen Street See: Robert Wood
CARRICK & CO Newspaper Publishers
CARSON W Bookseller & Stationer Pollen Street
CARTER J F Bookseller Brown Street
CASEY Maurice Coal & Wood Yard Beach Road
CASH PALACE Clothier Grahamstown J Warmoll. See: Cosgave & Co
CASSIN Miss Dressmaker Willoughby Street
CATRAN A G Stationery Pollen Street
CAVENDISH HOUSE ? Abraham Street
CENTRAL BILLIARD PARLOUT Billiard Parlour Pollen Street
CENTRAL GARAGE Garage Pollen Street See: F T Fraider
CENTRAL MART Auctioneer Pollen Street T A Dunlop
CENTRAL TEAROOMS Tearooms Pollen Street
CHAPMAN Stationery Pollen Street
CHAPPELL Francis Builder Thames
CHESTER W A Photograher Pollen Street
CHILCOTT C Watchmaker Pollen Street
CHINNECK R Greengrocer Brown Street
CHINNERY - BROWN D A (Mr) Adult Education Thames
CHRISTIANSEN C Piano Tuner Davy Street
CHRISTIE & MOULDEN Coach builder Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St
CHRONOMETER HOUSE Watchmaker Pollen Street See: M J Wilkes
CLARK George Jeweller Pollen Street
CLARK J Produce Merchant Karaka Bridge
CLARK & DEAN Sharebrokers Grahamstown
CLARKE James Grocer Collins Street
CLAXTON Tailor & Clothing Factory "Albert Street, Pollen Street" Later Allan Adams Ltd also Hauraki Clothing Factory
CLENDON & VOLLEMAERE Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
CLOONANS Draper Thames Late Cosgrave & Son
COAD A Bootmaker Pollen Street
COAD W Bookseller & Stationer Cnr Pollen & Sealey Sts Mrs Coad's
COAKLEY & CO Grocer Pollen Street
COBB & CO Transport See: Thomas Bradley
COCKS J Furniture Mary Street
COLE Mrs Restaurant Brown Street
COLLINS J Confectioner Pollen Street
COLLINS & EADDY Coach builder Cochrane Street See: Eaddy
CONENS MONSTER CLOTHING HALL Clothing Cnr Owen & Williamson St
CONROY M Painter Pollen Street
COOKE A E Tobacconist & Hairdresser Pollen Street Late Levi Moore's
COOKE H B Sewing Machines Pollen Street
COOLAHAN C (Mrs) Bakery Cnr Pollen & Richmond St Later: Snodgrass & Maguire
COOMBES Jas Carpenter & Undertaker Mackay Street
COOMBES Samuel Clothing Albert Street
CORBETT & WINDER Transport Thames
CORSTON Mrs Dressmaker Brown Street
COSGRAVE & CO Draper Brown St, Owen St & Albert St Cash Palace
COULAHAN Hughie Bakery Pollen Street See also: Mrs C Coolahan
COURT A & Son Ltd Clothing & Draper Cnr Pollen & Mary Sts
COX Charles Chemist Pollen Street Shortland Pharmacy
CRAIG J Auctioneer Albert Street
CREAMER & BULLOT Grocer See: Bullot & Creamer
CROCKER C Bootmaker Brown Street
CROCKER J Boot & Shoe Importer Pollen Street
CROFSKEY Francis Grocer Thames Next to Trembaths
CULLEN Geo & Co Draper Corner Pollen & Cochrane Sts
CULPITT William & John C Saddler Pollen Street
CURRIE A Boot Repairer Pollen Street
CURTIS WHARF Wharf Albert Street
DABB W A Harness maker Pollen Street
DALTON D H Tobacconist & Hairdresser Pollen Street
DALTON R A Carpenter Pollen Street
DALZIEL George Butcher Mary Street
DANBY'S SHOE STORE Shoe Store Pollen Street
DANN F & Co Cabinetmaker Pollen Street
DAUNTON Builder Thames
DAVIES BROS Butcher Rolleston Street See: William Davies jun, also: J H Walsh
DAVIES George Hairdresser Brown Street See: J Fleming
DAVIES J W Fruiterer Thames
DAVIES William junr Butcher Rolleston Street See: J H Walsh
DAVIES Wm Grocer Brown Street See: W Davis
DAVIS W Grocer Brown Street
DAVY & MCFARLAND Surveyor Brown Street
DAY Victor Grace Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
DAYKIN Bridget (Mrs Francis) Sharebrokers Thames
DEEBLE'S W Seedsman & Grocer Rolleston Street
DEEBLE William & Son Butcher Owen Street & Rolleston St
DE HIRSCH James Commission Agent Pollen Street
DENBY George Chemist Pollen Street
DEVONSHIRE HOUSE Drapery & Millinery Grahamstown See: E T Herbert
DEXTER & CROZIER Cycle dealer Pollen Street See: Lloyd & O'Sullivan
DICKEY S & J Stables Beach Road
DICKEY, VERRAN & CO Wood & Coalyards Beach Road See also: Verran Bros
DIGGERS RESTAURANT Restaurant Opposite Wharf Grahamstown Mrs Elizabeth Brown
DIRECT IMPORTING CO Drapers Pollen Street W Gribble, Draper
DODD A E L Solicitors Thames See: Solicitors & Barristers
DODD J E Solicitors Grey Street See: A E L Dodd
DODD Mrs Music Teachers Queen Street
DONKIN S W Garage Cnr Walter & Pollen Streets
DONOVAN A J Builder Thames
DONOVAN Thomas Builder Thames
DONOVAN & HOWARD Dentists Pollen Street
DORNWELL A & Co Butcher Brown Street
DOUGHS Bakery Shortland
DOUGLAS & CO Grocer Pollen Street
DOWD D H Dentists Pollen Street
DOWDENS AUCTION MART Auctioneer Albert Street
DRIVER H D Artist Pollen Street
DRIVER S S Builder Thames
DRIVER & SON Painter Pollen Street
DUNBAR Tom Barber Brown Street
DUNLOP T A Auctioneer Pollen Street see: Central Mart
DUNNAGEs VARIETY DEPOT Bookseller Pollen Street
DURHAM & MCLEOD Draper Grahamstown
EADDY Harold Coach builder Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St ? COLLINS & EADDY
EASTER E J Bootmaker Pollen Street
EHRENFRIED BROS Brewery Mackay Street SEE: Phoenix Brewery
ELEMENT George Writer & Ornamental Painter Davy Street
ELLIS Mr & Mrs Dancing Teachers Miners Union Hall
ELLIS CJ & RH Storekeeper Tararu
EMPIRE BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Owen Street Mrs Kates
ENSOR'S DINING ROOMS Restaurant Pollen Street
ENSOR & SONS Grocer Mary St See: also J H Ensor
ENSOR J H Grocer Mary St ?Ensor's & sons
EVENING STAR NEWSPAPER OFFICE "Willoughby St Albert Street Sealey St" Later Thames Star
EVANS Wm Painter Owen St
EVERITT W Pollen Street