Friday, November 29, 2013

Thames (NZ): Thamesites at home

Ever been on holiday and wondered why all the photos seem of little interest to others? Include family in them and people have a focus and immediate interest. The photos of Thames can sometimes be the same, so people often plead have you any photos of my family or where they lived?
So the question you have any family photos that show the house you or you Thamesites lived in. Just as shopkeepers liked to stand outside the shop when a photo was taken, many families stood outside their home for a family photo.
James and Martha Jenkin & family c1900, outside their home in Augustus Street North. (The Una Hill behind)
Photo courtesy of P Rundle

 Above: The Stewart Family on the verandah of their Heale Street home, Parawai
Photo at: Digital NZ
 If you have any photos to share, please let me know
I'll include them here and with permission pass them to The Treasury for their collection.