Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thames (NZ): 'The Garden of Sleep' Tararu Cemetery 1937

Wonder what the Tararu cemetery looked like in 1937, well the answer is in the photo below.

AN EXAMPLE TO SOME OF THE METROPOLITAN AUTHORITIES.—The "Garden of Sleep," as the cemetery at Tararu, Thames, is called, is one of the district's picturesque spots. Many visitors declare "it is the prettiest and best-kept cemetery" the have seen. The latest improvement is this entrance and gates.

Auckland Star, Volume LXVIII, Issue 192, 14 August 1937, Page 11
A couple of months later the 'glory' of the Tararu Cemetery was still in the news, Auckland Star, 10 November 1937, Page 9: A GARDEN OF SLEEP. —Tararu, near Thames, one of the few picturesque cemeteries in the Auckland province, which is described in an article on this page as a notable exception to the neglected and unsightly appearance of most New Zealand burial grounds.
When the Tararu Cemetery was planned, the gardens and extensive acres of walks were to be an integral part of the cemetery. It is no wonder then that it was called "The Garden of Sleep." Over the years many hours have been voluntarily given by the residents of Tararu and this continues with a small band of volunteers. Sadly the geographical location and the elements have taken their toll and only the more physically able can glimpse and imagine the past glory of this resting place.
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