Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thames (NZ): Thames High School early achievers

The 1937 Haurakian (The Thames High School annual magazine) contained this list of early achievers at Thames High School. Established in 1880 the names of the schools Dux, Adams Memorial winners are included, along with the name of those who went onto to be awarded a University Degree. Take a look at the names and you will see many well known Thames families, and those who went onto to have a long connection with the town. 

Interestingly the first two names listed for 1907, went onto serve in World War One.

The 1907 Dux was M Grigg - Matthew Henderson Grigg 4/174. His father was world renown astronomer John Grigg, a music shop owner and teacher in the town.

The winner of the Adams Memorial Prize in 1907 was L May - Leslie May 4/1230.

Above left: M H Grigg.  Above Right: L May 
In the Newspaper report concerning the 1907 Thames High School Breakup and Prize-giving, Headmaster Winter expressed the thanks and support of the staff and pupils at the school. In particular  made special mention of Leslie May and Hazel Lowe. He appointed each as Head Prefect for the following year - and awarded them a small shield as badge of office.

The Adams Memorial Prize was instituted 8 August 1907, to be awarded for Mathematics. There was also the unveiling a special portrait of Mr J Adams, to serve as a reminder for the high standards he had achieved and wanted the school to achieve. The criteria for the annual award was an aggregate of four mathematical subjects, and to include arithmetic, geometry and algebra.

See how many names you recognise, any ancestors?
Postscript: Headmaster James Adams was the first Headmaster of the school when it opened in 1880. Headmaster Adams died September 1906.